Troubleshooting tips for joining your group's Discord server

Logged into the wrong Discord account

If you are still unable to access your membership's Discord server, after following our Accessing Discord guide, you may be signed into the wrong Discord account on your device. To confirm this is the issue, you will need to check which discord account is linked to your membership and verify that matches with your devices discord username.

How to verify the Discord account linked to your membership

To verify the Discord account linked to your membership, start by heading to your Hub page by clicking on the Hub button .

Once on your hub page, please follow the steps below to verify which Discord account is linked:

  • Find your membership's pass by searching for the group's name
  • Click on Manage Membership
  • Find Membership details on the page and look for your Discord username
    • In this example, Whop#4321 is linked to the membership

How to verify which Discord account you are logged into on mobile

To view your Discord username on mobile, please swipe right and navigate to the bottom right to open your Discord profile by clicking on your profile picture.

Once your Discord profile is open, you can view the Discord account you are currently signed into by viewing the Discord username at the top of your profile page.

  • If this discord username does not match 1:1, including the discord tag "#4321", with the discord username found on your Hub page, you are logged into the wrong Discord account and is causing the issue you are experiencing.
    • To login to the correct Discord account, start by logging out of your Discord account on your mobile device and sign into the correct account with your email address or phone number.

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