Add Team Members

Invite your team

On Whop, it is easy to add additional team members to your dashboard. There are four role types you can grant to your team. Here are the available roles:

  • Owner
    • Has all permissions
  • Admin
    • Cannot view the Statistics tabs. Cannot change any company settings.
  • Moderator
    • Has view-only access to: Customers, Links, Affiliates, Raffles, Waitlists and Promo code tabs. All other tabs are restricted.
  • App Manager
    • Can only add, edit, and delete apps. Access to the creator dashboard is restricted

Adding team members

To add team members go to the ‘Settings’ page, click on the ‘Team’ tab, and select ‘Invite member’. From there you can add in the desired role and details of the member. Once added, your team member will receive an e-mail from Whop with sign up instructions, and will be able to get access to your whop

From the ‘Team’ tab, you can easily manage, remove, and update the permissions of your team and additionally enforce 2FA for added company security.

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