Early Dispute Alerts

Introducing the Early Dispute Alerts System

This new feature is designed to protect you from the hassles of disputes, saving you both time and money.

How does the system work?

The Early Dispute Alerts System helps you manage early dispute alerts by providing:

  1. Immediate Alerts: When a dispute is raised by a customer, we receive early alerts from Visa and Mastercard. This gives you a chance to address the issue directly—either by issuing a refund or contacting the customer—before the dispute escalates.
  2. Automatic Refunds for Small Transactions: If the dispute involves an amount under $100 or another preset threshold, our system automatically refunds the customer. This feature aims to reduce your dispute rate and avoid chargeback fees. You can adjust this threshold in your payments page.

3. Manual Handling for Larger alerts: Transactions that exceed your set threshold and do not qualify for automatic refunds will appear as alerts on your payments page. You then decide whether to issue a refund manually or to let the dispute process continue.

4. Unique Statement Descriptors: Each transaction includes a unique descriptor with a URL, guiding customers to a detailed page about their purchase. Here, they can request a refund directly, which can preemptively resolve disputes.

Benefits of the Early Dispute Alerts System:

  1. Early alerts give you the opportunity to resolve disputes before they officially impact your account. This proactive approach can prevent disputes from escalating.
  2. Automatic refunds for transactions below a set threshold protect you from incurring chargeback fees. This feature helps keep your costs down.
  3. Each transaction includes a unique descriptor and URL, improving customer clarity about their purchases and reducing potential confusion that could lead to disputes.

Costs and Availability of the Early Dispute Alert Feature:

  1. Each early dispute alert incurs a $29 USD fee, automatically charged to your account. Though there's a fee, it's designed to mitigate the higher costs and risks associated with chargebacks and the potential for account shutdown by the payment processor.
  2. The feature is available for transactions processed via Whop Payments or for creators using Stripe Express within the United States.


The Early Dispute Alert feature assists creators by offering early notifications of disputes, options for automatic refunds, and an improved receipt page for better transaction clarity. Please don't hesitate to contact support if you have any questions.