How to link your Coinbase Commerce keys to Whop

Looking to link your Coinbase Commerce keys to start taking cryptocurrency payments? You have come to the right article. Let's dive in!

Linking your keys to Whop

If you are a seller looking to accept cryptocurrency payments, Whop offers integration with Coinbase Commerce as a way to take one-time transactions. All payments will be sent directly to your Coinbase account, please reach out to Coinbase if you need help accessing your funds. To link your Coinbase Commerce keys to Whop, follow these steps:

  1. Log in or Sign up to your Coinbase Commerce account.
  2. Navigate to the Security Settings to create a New API Key.
    1. Click on New API Key.
    2. Copy your API key to your clipboard.
    3. Go back to Whop and enter your API key.
  3. Go to Notification Settings to find your Webhook Shared Secret.
    1. Click on Show shared secret.
    2. Copy your Webhook Shared Secret to your clipboard.
    3. Go back to Whop, enter your Webhook Shared Secret, and select Continue.
  4. Go to your Notification Settings to Add an endpoint.
    1. Copy your endpoint link on Whop to your clipboard.
    2. Click on Add an endpoint.
    3. Paste in your endpoint link and click Save.
  5. In the Notification Settings, click on Edit under your Webhook Subscriptions.
    1. Click Send test.
    2. Select test event as charge:created
    3. Click on Send Test again.
      1. Ensure you receive a response status of 200.

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