Welcome to the beating heart of your business operations: the payments page on your dashboard. It's not just a table—it's your command center for all things transactions. Picture this: at a glance, you've got the lowdown on your customers and their purchases. But wait, there's more! With a few clicks, you're the master of quick actions like refunds, retries, and resolutions. Let's take a look at how it looks

Payments page overview

Explore a dynamic table packed with essential transaction details. Dive into information including amounts, products, plans, statuses, reasons, users, and dates. Easily sift through transactions by dates and methods. Unleash your analytical prowess with the 'Export' button. Customize the table layout as you please with the 'Edit' option. Your financial insights, your way! Finally, with just a simple click of the "..." button, you can effortlessly initiate refunds, retry past-due invoices, and swiftly resolve any discrepancies in over or underpaid crypto payments.

Payment details

When you click on any payment, unlock more insights about them! Discover the exact amount you've received after deductions and delve into a breakdown of the fees tied to the payment. Fees are divided into two distinct categories: Whop-related fees and network processing-related fees. Learn more about fees from here.

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