Resolution center

At Whop, we deeply appreciate the significance of transparent and streamlined communication, particularly in resolving issues between our valued creator and their members. It is with great excitement that we unveil the Resolution Center – a vital tool meticulously crafted to streamline dispute resolutions and uphold the integrity of every transaction. Our aim with this center is to bolster buyer confidence, safeguard seller reputation, and intercept potential disputes before they escalate to involve members' issuing banks.

Resolution center overview

The new resolution center page offers a sleek interface, presenting all vital case details such as reason, user info, status, amounts, and important dates in a clear table format. Easily open individual cases by clicking 'Respond' or 'View details'. Effortlessly filter cases by specific dates to enhance workflow efficiency. Customize the table layout, add or remove columns using the 'Edit' button. Export filtered or unfiltered data seamlessly with the 'Export' button for external sharing or analysis.

Responding to resolution center cases

When assessing whether to approve, deny, or request further information on a case, we ensure you have access to the most critical details about the member involved. The case details provide comprehensive information, including the user's identity, purchased product, amount spent, and the transaction's timing. Your case actions offer a precise timeline, outlining the progression from case opening to resolution. From this point, you can choose to 'Accept' their refund request, 'Deny' it, or request additional information from the user. User logs offer valuable insights into their actions, revealing whether they've engaged with your app, joined your Discord, or adhered to cancellation deadlines. Furthermore, the payments table offers a glimpse into their transaction history, helping you discern between long-term members and accidental double purchases.

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