Support & Miscellaneous


In the dynamic environment of Whop's marketplace, maintaining clear communication, resolving disputes, and offering reliable support are crucial elements to ensure a positive experience for both merchants and customers. This section provides insights into Whop's approach to handling disputes and delivering support to merchants, helping them navigate potential challenges effectively.

1. Dispute Resolution Process

1.1. Facilitating Resolutions

Whop recognizes that disputes between merchants and customers can arise, and we provide a structured process for resolution. Customers have the option to initiate a case when they are dissatisfied with a product. Merchants can access these cases through the business dashboard's resolution center. Merchants are given 7 days to respond to cases, during which they can approve, deny, or request further information from the customer. Similarly, customers have 7 days to respond.

1.2. Platform Mediation

Whop acts as a mediator in these cases, allowing direct communication between merchants and customers through our platform. Merchants and buyers can utilize the resolution center to engage in discussions and share relevant information. If a resolution is not reached within the allotted time, the case can be escalated to Whop for further review. Both buyers and sellers have the option to appeal Whop's decision, which will then be re-evaluated by a separate team to ensure impartiality.

2. Merchant Support Channels

2.1. 24/7 Customer Support

Whop is committed to providing merchants with reliable assistance when they encounter issues or have inquiries. Our dedicated 24/7 customer support team is accessible through live chat. Merchants can initiate conversations by clicking on the orange chat icon located at the bottom right of the marketplace or their business dashboard.

2.2. Getting in Touch

Merchants can reach out to customer support for various concerns, ranging from technical issues to account-related queries. Whether it's seeking clarification on platform policies or addressing challenges, merchants can rely on our support team for prompt and helpful responses.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1. Quick Answers

To expedite merchants' access to information, Whop offers a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses common inquiries. These FAQs cover a wide range of topics, from general platform usage to specific policies and guidelines. Merchants can consult this resource for quick answers to their questions.

3.2. Accessing FAQs

Merchants can access the FAQs on our dedicated documentation site (docs.whop.com) or through the help center on whop.com/help. This centralized repository serves as a valuable reference point for merchants seeking immediate information.

4. Updates and Communication

4.1. Staying Informed

Whop believes in transparent communication with its merchant community. Whenever there are important updates, policy changes, or the introduction of new features, merchants will receive notifications through various channels.

4.2. Effective Communication

These updates are communicated through emails, notifications within the business dashboard, and other relevant means. Whop aims to keep merchants well-informed about platform developments that may impact their business.

5. Resources for Merchants

5.1. Guiding Merchants

Whop is dedicated to supporting merchants in understanding and navigating the platform's policies and processes. In addition to FAQs, merchants can access comprehensive articles and guides directly through the business dashboard.

5.2. Help Center Access

For a deeper dive into various aspects of the platform, merchants can explore the help center at whop.com/help. This comprehensive resource hub equips merchants with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and effectively manage their businesses on Whop.

While this guide provides insights into the support and miscellaneous aspects of merchant guidelines on Whop, it is important to note that the information presented here is not exhaustive. Merchants are strongly encouraged to review our complete Terms of Service (ToS) for a comprehensive understanding of our platform's policies and processes. Our goal is to empower merchants with the tools they need to thrive within our marketplace.