Tracking links

Explore the dynamic features of the creator Tracking Links page, designed to maintain crucial data regarding the origins and timing of your users. Let's delve into its capabilities!

Tracking Links page overview

The Tracking Links page offers an impressive table, delivering vital insights into the origins of your user traffic. This thorough table includes key details such as name, URL, clicks, conversion rate, converted users, channel, and creation date of your tracking links. Customize the table effortlessly to suit your preferences by removing columns or rearranging them as needed.

Creating a tracking link

Crafting a tracking link is effortless with our streamlined process. Follow these simple steps to create your first tracking link:

  1. Tracking Links Page: Navigate to your Tracking Links page.
  2. Create Tracking Links: Simply click the inviting purple 'Create tracking link' button.
  3. Set Details: Provide the name, channel, and URL for your tracking link.
  4. Create: Lastly, click on 'Create' in the bottom right.

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