Trust & Safety

1. Introduction

This document outlines our commitment to maintaining a secure and transparent marketplace for both merchants and customers. We believe that building a trusted environment is essential for the success of businesses on our platform. Below, you will find insights into our issue handling and customer communication process, emphasizing our dedication to addressing concerns and upholding platform standards.

2. Platform Integrity and Contact Information

2.1 Purpose and Values

Whop's primary objective is to foster trust and provide an exceptional user experience for all participants in our marketplace. We take pride in facilitating legitimate business operations while ensuring the safety and security of transactions.

2.2 Communication Channels

For general inquiries or customer support, we encourage merchants to make use of our live chat feature. If you have legal matters or need to cooperate with authorities, please direct your communications exclusively to legal@whop.com. Please note that responses will be provided solely to communications from official authorities through this channel.

Users are advised to report any instances of suspicious or unethical behavior by utilizing the "Report Product" feature available on the seller's store page. This feature enables users to categorize their report based on various violations of our Terms of Service (ToS), such as NSFW or inappropriate content, discrepancies between the product and its description, among others. We regularly update these categories to align with any changes in our policies, ensuring that our reporting mechanism comprehensively covers our guidelines. This process is crucial for maintaining the integrity of our marketplace. Please be aware that whop will not respond to emails sent to the legal@whop.com address unless you are an authorized authority seeking assistance.

3. Reporting and Issue Handling Procedures

3.1 Efficient Issue Reporting

Our platform provides a structured and intuitive process for reporting issues. If you come across any suspicious sellers or products, simply visit the respective store page and use the "Report product" button located on the seller’s store page. We take every report seriously and are committed to investigating and addressing the concerns raised promptly.

3.2 Streamlined Investigation Process

Our approach to handling reported issues is designed to ensure transparency and effective communication with our valued merchants. The following sections outline the step-by-step procedures we follow for investigating reported issues and communicating with customers.

3.3 Step by Step: Issue Handling and Customer Communication

3.3.1 Issue Reporting

Merchants can report products or sellers directly from the seller's store page through our structured reporting channel. Reports are categorized into high-level reasons and sub-categories, enabling accurate issue classification.

3.3.2 Receiving and Prioritizing Reports

Whop's operations team receives customer-reported issues through an internal reporting channel. The submitted reports are presented on a dashboard for the team's visibility. Reports are prioritized based on urgency and severity, ensuring swift action on high-impact concerns.

3.3.3 Investigation and Gathering Evidence

Upon receiving a report, the operations team initiates an investigation. This involves collecting evidence by reviewing the customer's complaint, analyzing the seller's offerings, and seeking additional information when necessary.

3.3.4 Compliance with Terms of Service (ToS) and Platform Policies

Our operations team references the platform's Terms of Service (ToS) and guidelines to determine if the reported issue violates our policies. Violations confirmed as per the ToS are escalated for appropriate action.

3.3.5 Enforcement and Resolution

If a seller is found in violation of the ToS, Whop enforces suitable measures, such as suspending the seller's account or removing their products. Sellers are notified of the violation and corresponding enforcement actions.

3.3.6 Appeal Process

Sellers can appeal a decision they deem unjustified. Our operations team reviews appeals and takes further action, ensuring a fair and unbiased resolution.

3.3.7 Transparent Customer Communication

Whop maintains transparent communication with customers throughout the issue-handling process. Customers receive acknowledgment of their reports through confirmation emails. Regular updates are provided on the progress of investigations and actions taken.

3.3.8 Resolution Confirmation

Once a reported issue is resolved, Whop confirms the resolution with the customer. Customers receive notifications of closure and may provide feedback on their experience.

4. Collaboration with Authorities and Incident Response

4.1 Legal Cooperation and Evidence Preservation

Whop fully cooperates with legal authorities to address potential violations. We meticulously preserve evidence related to reported issues, adhering to applicable laws and regulations.

5. Continuous Improvement and Training

5.1 Learning from Reported Issues

Analyzing reported issues enables us to identify patterns and trends. This analysis helps us enhance platform security and user protection.

5.2 Reporting Options and Preventive Measures

We have established specific reporting categories to address issues effectively, allowing for proactive risk management. Additionally, our approach involves vetting new sellers and evaluating existing ones based on Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) milestones.

6. Platform Responsibility

While Whop aims to provide a secure and reliable platform for merchants and customers, it's important to recognize that our scope of responsibility is primarily centered on actions occurring within our ecosystem. Merchants may offer access to third-party platforms, but it's crucial to understand that Whop's direct influence is limited to our own platform.

We encourage merchants and users to be aware of the terms and conditions set by third-party platforms and to address any concerns directly with the respective platform's support channels. While we facilitate transactions and connections, the responsibilities and actions of external platforms fall outside our jurisdiction.

Please remember that this document offers valuable insights into Whop's commitment to trust and safety, but it's not a replacement for our comprehensive Terms of Service (ToS). For a detailed understanding of our policies and guidelines, we recommend reviewing our official ToS. Upholding these standards ensures a safe and thriving marketplace for everyone involved.