Unlock the full potential of the creator Users page and gain access to a wealth of valuable insights. From user email addresses and join dates to joined whops and user logs, delve into data that helps you as a creator deeply understand your user base. Explore the possibilities and optimize your user management experience like never before. Let's take a look!

Users page overview

Within the Users page, an all-encompassing table awaits, filled with crucial user data. Enjoy complete flexibility as you tailor this page to your preferences – effortlessly rearrange columns and customize your table by adding or removing elements. Filter users by status (Left or Joined) and precise join dates for targeted insights. And when you need to share or analyze this data further, simply export your table into a .csv file format, delivered straight to your email inbox.

Users Overview

By clicking on any user row, you gain access to the Users Overview page, offering a detailed glimpse into an individual user's account. Explore a thorough summary covering active and churned products, payment details, contact information, public apps, MRR, team member statuses, user logs, and beyond. Additionally, streamline your interactions with quick actions related to purchased products, including cancellation, termination, payment pausing and more.

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