What are digital product bundles?

How to bundle digital products

If you already have an existing product you are selling and want to introduce new content or just starting out on Whop, you’ll be able to bundle products together through the same steps.

Head to your dashboard on dash.whop.com and select the product tab on the left side. From there you will be able to create a new product or edit your current existing product.

If you already have an existing product that you want to add a bundle to, clicking on the product will take you to the product page. Under your current offering, you can select the option “Add what you’re selling”

Opening this menu will give you all of the options you can add onto your product

Bundling a product for the first time

If you do not have an existing product, you can simply select the “New product” tab on the top right which will take you to create a new product.

Selecting “Add Web App” button will open up all the services you can add to your bundle.