Whop Verified

What is Whop Verified?

Whop Verified is our way of recognizing the top sellers on the marketplace! If you have the verified badge next to your company name, buyers know that you meet Whop’s highest standards for quality digital products. Verification badges require thorough vetting, so only the best can receive the badge.

Application Process

Companies apply for verification directly through their home page on Whop. After submitting your application, Whop conducts a comprehensive review of your company and products before making a decision within 1-2 business days of your application.


To apply for a verification badge, a company must first clear $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue and be on the marketplace. Your company must also consent to allow Whop to issue refunds on your behalf in the event of customer complaints or issues. Similar to other marketplaces, Whop strives to give their customers the best shopping experience possible, and handling refund requests will be part of that process. Whop will conduct a thorough investigation before issuing a refund to ensure fairness to both you and the customer.

Your company must also have a high-quality product and product page, as determined by our team. Lastly, your company must adhere to Whop’s Content Terms of Service.

Perks of being Verified

Whop verification comes with several perks! On the homepage, verified companies receive their own chart ranking for additional exposure. Customers can also filter by verified companies within each category section of the marketplace. The badge itself holds value as well; product pages with verification badges experience higher cart conversion rates!

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