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Hidden Collective

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Fortnite Map Making Program

Are you interested in creating Fortnite maps or enhancing your current skills?

Our program is designed to help both beginners and seasoned developers turn their passion into a profitable venture. For free, gain access to comprehensive resources, expert coaching, and dedicated support to help you learn and succeed in the world of Fortnite Creative through UEFN.


What You'll Learn:

Core Mechanics: Learn the ropes of environment design, devices, and Verse within UEFN.

Popular Game Modes: With the skills learned, easily be able to take on feats such as Tycoons, Open Worlds, Red vs. Blues, Gun Games, Prop Hunts, 1v1s, Zonewars, Horror Games, Box Fights. etc.

Advanced Features: Design custom UIs, round systems, rank systems, character models, superpowers, and save progression systems.

Publishing & Monetization: Learn how to publish your maps and generate income.


Why Join?:

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced developer, our program offers all the tools, knowledge, and community support you need to succeed. Transform your interest in Fortnite into a lucrative career with our comprehensive course, coaching, and support—all for free.

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Online course

UEFN Basics (Environmental & Deices)

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Online course

Verse Programming

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Job Board

Unreal Job Opportunities

Gain access to over 30+ separate video guides summing to over 15 hours of content, teaching you everything UEFN-related!
Bring any marketing-related questions to our team that has generated hundreds of millions of impressions for help!
Unlock access to all of the talent our studio has to offer for constant support/feedback!
Group calls hosted by our team, helping with any developmental problems, as well as game/feature trends!
A job board that is only accessible for members within our group to unlock opportunities from!
Our community will act as a feeder for working in our studio. Clientele: CaseOh, Mero, Peterbot, Bucke, & MANY MORE!
New videos and lessons regularly uploaded to stay on top of any trends/game updates
Customer Q&A
Q: Will I be accepted if I have no previous development experience?
A: Yes! The introductory portions of our tutorials are very welcoming for beginners, even if you have no programming experience in the past. Additionally, you'll find yourself in a community of tons of other creators and team members that're eager to help you out with any questions, issues, and or concerns.
Asked on Mar 27, 2024
Q: If I subscribe today, will my renewal hit on the same date next month or the beginning of the month?
A: When you subscribe, your memberships renewal/expiration date will be one month after signing up
Asked on Mar 27, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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4 months ago
As a beginner, this course has been so helpful. The coursework is great, and the team has been there to answer any questions I have. Would recommend 100%.
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4 months ago
Learned so much about Verse and UEFN in general in a very short amount of time, it's amazing how well the subjects are presented. Would definitely recommend that to a beginner or even a veteran in UEFN.
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4 months ago
I picked VIP to learn some more verse. Coming into it from a beginner level with some issues I needed immediate help on, this saved me some time and has been useful!
Do I need previous programming experience to excel in UEFN?
Not at all. Fortnite's map-making system through UEFN is virtually code-free until you get to Verse, meaning you can make entire custom maps & experiences through simple drag and dropping plus inputting pre-set data fields!
If I'm a beginner, where should I start?
Whether you are a seasoned UEFN dev or just heard about it, Our community is the perfect place to start.
How can members be confident taking your marketing advice?
As a studio, we've worked with influential figures ranging from CaseOh, all the way to pros like Peterbot! Collaborations like these have generated millions of plays on our maps, and hundreds of millions of social media impressions in the process! But, never blindly take marketing advice as it's all very subjective.
What is your refund policy?
If you don't like the services provided within 3 days of your initial purchase, we'll gladly refund your purchase!
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Hidden Studios
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4 reviews

A top UEFN studio with millions of plays, partnered with various personalities such as CaseOh, SypherPK, LazarBeam, Peterbot, Jynxzi, etc, bringing our mapmaking expertise to YOU. In the world of mapmaking within Fortnite Creative, and UEFN specifically, information isn't readily available and is highly gatekept. With the top creators generating tens of millions of dollars per year (yes, 8 figures), the last thing they'd want is for more competition to become involved. To learn more on how to dive into the wild world of Fortnite map development, check out our educational tiers!