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Live Trading Room
Led by Samantha LaDuc - Live Trading Room 9:00 – 11:00am ET for real-time market analysis, trade set ups (view only)
Exclusive active community
Our active global trading community will make you feel welcome and get you ready to trade with us.
Real-Time Market Analysis
A team of analysts specialized in different trading methods will assist you in real time.
Samantha LaDuc briefings
Get industry leading macro analysis and perspective from Samantha LaDuc with her daily briefings.
Chart requests
Ask your analyst of choice for a chart analysis for the stock you want and get it as soon as possible!
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(10 reviews)
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2 months ago
I know they tried to help but i havent learn much and lost opportunities making money
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9 months ago
I had a great time trading with Riley, Nel and on the free live call so I decided to join and I could not be happier. The amount of data and information plus the educational content and guidance makes trading so so much easier. Worth every dollar invested simply for data value but trading with this Discord you definitely get enough tools to make your money back plus much more!
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1 year ago
I cancelled my membership after one month. I found some members extremely rude and hostile. While moderators were nice and knowledgeable, that did not change my decision to cancel my subscription
How do I join your Discord server?
After completeing your purchase you will recieve an invitation link to join our Discord. If you have any problems joining you can connect with Whop support 24/7 using the chat box in the bottom right of this page.
What are the benefits of VIP access to your Discord?
You'll get direct access to Riley, Nel, Rithika and our team of pro traders through our dedicated VIP channels. You also get access to trade alerts, mentoring and comprehensive market insights and reports from the team and LaDucTrading founder - Samantha LaDuc.
Do I need trading experience to join your Discord?
No, our COMMUNITY welcomes both experienced and new traders. We offer mentoring and you can schedule one to one classes with our team.
How does the daily stage on your Discord work?
Our team of analysts conduct daily live sessions on Discord discussing intraday, scalp, and swing trades with live call outs and risk management guidance.
How do I access your team of analysts on Discord?
Once you've subscribed, you'll be provided with access to our Discord server where our analysts are readily available via our premium chat channels (VIP Access only)
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Meet Samantha LaDuc. Passion for markets. Devotion to process. Obsession with client success. As Founder and Chief Market Strategist of LaDucTrading, Samantha LaDuc went from farm kid to entrepreneur to a leading voice in global stock market analysis. Samantha's strong track record for big market timing calls, and ability to navigate well for clients in good times and in bad, has earned her a spot in national media as a regular contributor to Bloomberg, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Sirius XM, among others. But it is her focus on spotting major macro trends early and translating complex market structure data into tradable sector rotation themes that sets Samantha apart from most siloed financial research firms. Chief Market Timer Samantha is known for translating macro event risk, institutional money flow, and intermarket patterns into actionable trades - on any asset and on any timeframe. Using Macro analysis as a backdrop to identify inflection points in policies, overlayed with Intermarket analysis to predict when outliers will revert across assets, Samantha then applies her uncanny Pattern Recognition skills with Technical analysis to pinpoint with precision when to enter and exit a trade. Her success in accurately predicting market, sector and stock moves has garnered her the title of "Mother of Market Timing". With persistent curiosity, and a strong dose of grit, nothing motivates her more than helping her clients make more money and lose less. Unique Perspective Samantha grew a small technology company (family of 60) for 10 years before selling in March 2007 when her young son suffered a major medical emergency. Since September 2008, she has been actively trading/consulting, and since 2015, she has been actively supporting thousands of clients who do the same. Over the years she has built up a stellar track-record of market forecasting - across global equities, bonds, currencies, crypto and commodities. Her macro-to-micro insights on market direction and volatility help clients position and protect, while her ability to track liquidity and money rotation on any timeframe helps her predict price targets for outsized profits. She expanded LaDucTrading by employing a team of highly-skilled, motivated, and client-centered contributors. She wanted to create a community of pro traders to share their analysis, education and trades so clients could benefit from speciality knowledge and trading styles. Together, they support clients anywhere on their trading journey. Whether helping retail clients (as they trade from their self-directed accounts), or strategizing with institutional money-managers (to better position for alpha in portfolio returns), Samantha and her team share their unique perspectives and laser-focus on timing direction, duration and intensity. Because connections increase returns.