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Over 70% of all trades are now executed by algorithmic trading bots & between 80 and 99 percent of traders fail. Now with the power of AI we aim to change that by empowering traders with tools similar to what institutions use and educate how markets function.

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AI Trading Algorithm
First of its kind, AI data driven, trading algorithm that works on all assets from Crypto, Stocks, Futures & Forex.
Learn from experts with 12 years of trading experience.
Trade Alerts
Gain access to exclusive trading callouts on Stock Options, Futures & Cryptocurrency!
Discord Alert Bots
Apollo Algo alerts, Breaking News, Insider Trading & Unusual Options.
In-depth trading strategies and effective risk management techniques.
Referral Program
Whenever you get a new member to signup with your link you get 30% of their sale forever through Whop.com
Customer Q&A
Q: Do you need a tradingview subscription or will this work with free version of tradingview
A: You dont need a subscription it works with the free version.
Asked on Jan 3, 2024
Customer reviews
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(28 reviews)
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2 months ago
Made many times over the Apollo Summit course fee just from discord callouts. Apollo Summit has helped me redesign who I am as a trader all while providing me with a community to thrive doing it. This course is interactive along with very technical and well researched, d3f4ult and 0xB4dPr|c3 are well versed in Crypto and TradFi and bring everything they have picked up over many years. The biggest value I extracted from this course was the technical analysis and psychological barriers and trading strategies. While those were just some aspects of my trading that were lacking this community is why it’s so above the rest and still building. The lifetime membership to this community is really the real hidden value of the Apollo Summit.
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2 months ago
Getting more than I put in at this point. I hope to continue levelling up with the resources available and helpful community members. Even at this point I've gotten more out of it than I could imagine and if I continue to dive in more to come.
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2 months ago
Lots of Alpha posted daily in the Disc with an active community!
What is Apollo Algo's signals based off?
Apollo Algo is based on decades of market data, its multifaceted. We are constantly backtesting old and new signals with AI LLMs on past and live market data to optimize the algorithm.
What is the refund policy?
We have a 7 day return policy.
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Apollo Algo
Trading • Trading Indicators

28 reviews

AI powered trading algorithm on TradingView that leverage the power of AI LLM models on sets of market data to yield accurate price volatility prediction. It works on crypto, stocks, indicies, futures, forex and commodities. Automated trading bots are currently in beta. https://www.apolloalgo.ai/

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