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22 days ago
I have been active in this community since Oct 2023. The PROS: 1. I have made more money than invested in membership costs. I have had several successful months in this community! Sometimes orders, even when cancelled, will still be delivered to you. 2. The staff is very helpful & quick to respond. 3. The community is extremely organized. After completing the setup tutorial, you should be very familiar with the layout! 4. The community offers various different areas of expertise. Whether it be food, electronics, crypto, general deals, off-site selling, etc. The CONS: 1. Bandar's Bounties states that they are "A community of passionate resellers that share tips, grow together, & value collaboration over competition." - This is mostly untrue, the community on this platform is relatively toxic. Most individuals will not share tips or answer new-comers questions because it drives competition. 2. There are dry months (Jan, Feb, etc) where there are little leads on general price errors. 3. A sizable number of purchases will be canceled! For me, I had a 50%/50% rate on items purchased actually being delivered to my house. A sizable number of purchases will be canceled! 4. A majority of the members in this community seem to have very fast computers, bots, and other various commodities that assist them in purchasing items that are sent in to the community. At times, it is very difficult to order items unless you have some or all of the listed commodities! **Generally speaking, you must be able to order items that get posted in the community within 15-30 seconds. Anyone who does not have their phone on go 24/7 will find it difficult to thrive in this community.**
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2 months ago
Best reselling community from the many ive joined. Amazing deals, amazing staff, and best of all amazing community.
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4 months ago
Its just expensive because of the hype. Majority of the orders get canceled