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Better Bet Premium

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✅ELEVATE Your MB Experience!✅

MAXIMISE Your Matched Betting Profits with Better Bet Premium. If you don't get a good return on your investment... Just cancel and get your Money Back!

If you are unsure about upgrading you can get a Month of Better Bet Premium for FREE through our affiliate program if you invite 1 person to the Server. See the 2nd image for more details.

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Gain Access to Our Premium Alerts channels and Get 5X AS MANY ALERTS as the free Alert Channels recieve
Access our AI Calculator Channels, where you can Copy and Paste Alerts and get all of the info you need for that bet!
Compete in our Leaderboard by sending Alerts. Then, get CASH PRIZES Based on your rank for each Month!
Get Expert Help and Advice with Multi-Accounting and get Connected with our Trusted Supplier!
Get Information and 1-1 Help on how to Grow your profits Exponentially.
Get your own Premium Affiliate Link and get 50% of each person you refer to Premium! NO LIMITS
All of these features are on top of all of the Great Features that Better Bet Discord already has for Free!
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7 months ago
Best matched betting server I've been in so far. Fantastic new alerts system and helped me with multi-accounting
Can I get a Free Trial?
Yes, you can get 1 month of Better Bet Premium for free if you get 1 invite to the server. See our Affiliate Program channel for more info.
Why would I pay for a discord when I have Oddsmonkey or Outplayed?
We recommend pairing our service with OM or OP and the value that we provide is that we are better for getting good boosts and alerts that last longer, as in the big forums there are too many people so you have to be quick, but our boosts and alerts will allow you a lot more time as we won't have tens of thousands of people all doing the same alerts at the same time, causing the bookie or exchange odds to change.
How much can I expect to Make?
It depends on how much Capital you have and how many accounts you have for each bookie, but you can expect to make £1000 minimum per month for each set of Accounts using our alerts.
Do I have to send alerts in to stay in the server?
No you don't have to send alerts to stay in. The people that send the most alerts will receive cash prizes, and the people who don't send alerts will pay the memberships that fund that. This eliminates the issue of freeloading in matched betting groups as everybody is chipping in, in some way.
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Better Bet Discord
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

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Better Bet Discord is a Free to use matched betting Server where you can Learn how to Matched Bet, Get Free Alerts for good opportunities, and chat with a community of fellow matched bettors. WE ALSO HAVE A PREMIUM VERSION of Better Bet Discord called Better Bet premium. With premium you get access to the Premium Alert Channels, these channels receive 5X as many alerts as the free channels as they get 100% of the alerts sent by our members, while the free channels only receive 20% of the alerts sent by our members. You also get the opportunity to send your own alerts, where you can be rewarded with cash based on how many alerts you send. With Premium you automatically join our Premium affiliate program and get your own Affiliate link, where you will receive 50% of each person you refer to premium. When you Upgrade you can also choose to getting help with Multi-Accounting and Apply to get connected with our Trusted Account Supplier. Our newest addition to our Premium Features is our AI Matched Betting Calculator that lets you Paste Alerts into the Channel and immediatly receive all of the details and numbers for that bet with the stake that you choose. Check out our Social Media and Discord links Below!

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