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Bonsai Trading

(22 reviews)

Learn To Trade The Psychology Of The Market, Rather Than The Price

The Premium Bonsai Trader subscription gives you access to all of my channels which include:

• Groot's Trade Chat

• Groot's Charts(posted daily)

• Stocks/Equities charts and chat

NEW Crypto Options Strategies

• Groot's Entries/Exits for his high confidence trades

NEW Trading Bot - "Bonsai Bot" Strategies

• Relevant news and weekly economic outlook events/updates

• Weekly-Outlook live streams for things to watch for in the week ahead

• Access to the weekly community calls on Sunday nights at 8:30PM EST(recordings posted)

• Groot's Resources for TA related educational content and relevant news

• Long Term Investments ideas for your portfolios

• Continually adding more channels and valuable resources

If you've been struggling to make profits or just not sure when it's a good time to buy/sell, this is the place to be. My goal is to help you become a more informed trader, and be able to make better decisions on your own.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Cancel anytime

All subscriptions and payments final are non-refundable

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An active trading community that puts education first.
Real Time Updates
Charts and analysis are updated twice a day, with short term trade set ups in between.
Weekly Live Streams
Weekly Outlook Live Stream every Sunday night to prepare you for the week ahead.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(22 reviews)
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2 months ago
Information and analysis provided is very helpful and easy to digest. Very active and always engaging with community. Cost to performance is more than worth it. No complaints to speak of.
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a year ago
This is a great place to learn strategies and trade responsibly! Very responsive and knowledgeable. I’d recommend this server to everyone!
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a year ago
Excellent leadership and instruction from Grxxt every day helping teach people. Definitely worth the cost for anyone who wants to learn how to make money trading using all kinds of TA.
How do I join your Private Discord?
To get started, simply log in to Whop using your Discord handle, and select one of the available options on my landing page to sign up. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a link to access the Discord server, and your roles will be assigned accordingly.
How can technical analysis help me become a better investor/trader?
Having a grasp of how markets operate can provide a significant advantage in trading. Being aware of the potential extent to which a market may pull back, whether upwards or downwards, will give you an edge. It is worth noting that human conduct in markets has remained relatively constant throughout history and can be quantified through analytical charts.
Do you offer one on one sessions or classes?
Certainly! I provide personalized one-on-one sessions, as well as a comprehensive course, aimed at equipping you with the knowledge to interpret charts effectively. My instruction will enable you to comprehend the psychological underpinnings behind price fluctuations.
I've always been skeptical about people who claim they can make a lot of money just charting. How are you different?
Many individuals on social media platforms like Twitter or YouTube showcase their extravagant cars, jewelry, and lavish lifestyles while professing to have achieved their success solely through trading. However, the reality is that most of these claims are false; many of these individuals had pre-existing wealth or resources, and are essentially selling a dream. Trading is an arduous and time-consuming endeavor that requires extensive learning, consistent practice, and even then, you will experience setbacks. Building wealth through trading is a long-term endeavor that seldom yields "get-rich-quick" outcomes.
How can you help me become a better trader/investor?
My aim is to assist you in eliminating emotions from your trading decisions, which is critical to enhancing your trading skills. Trading requires a level-headed approach, which can be particularly challenging when you are dealing with your own hard-earned money. However, I will help you shed any sense of greed or fear and approach the market with a fresh perspective. You will learn how to identify precise market levels and determine when a trade offers a favorable risk-to-reward ratio. Ultimately, you will be able to trade with the precision and discipline of a robot.
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Bonsai Trading
Trading • Crypto

22 reviews

To Become Profitable, You Must Do Something You've Never Done Before - Invest In Yourself

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