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Bravo Six Picks

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The #1 Veteran-Owned Sports Betting Community on Whop

We help you WIN & make MONEY

👑 Bravo Six Picks gives your sports betting a statistical edge to earn you more profitable returns.

🏆 Gain the upper-hand with our researched daily picks and expert intel from our seasoned Sports Analysts. Stay tuned with year-round coverage of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, and E-Sports.

💰 If you're looking to elevate your fantasy sports betting to the next level, let Bravo Six Picks take you there. Get access and try it out for FREE, at no risk today!

⭐️ VIP Membership (3 Pricing Plans) Receive 10-15 premium picks from our 5x Analysts and unlimited access to the VIP Sections of our Server

🚨 Please sign up with your discord account on Whop for the most accessible access to our server.

Terms and Conditions: All sales are final. No refunds or cancellations once the order has been placed. Cancellation must be received before the renewal date in order to avoid charge for next subscription period.

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Winning Researched Picks
Gain access to our VIP picks, meticulously researched and curated by our 5x expert analysts for the best odds of winning
Expert Analysts
Our handpicked Analysts pass a competitive 7-day Qualification Program and must maintain a Win Rate of 80% or higher
Longterm Profitability
80% of our picks win, ensuring you a profitable outcome over the longterm when combined with smart bankroll management
Active & Supportive Community
Gain access to the VIP sections of our Server where you can chat with other members and share your picks and wins
Bankroll Management
Learn how to properly manage your bankroll to ensure you keep making money and grow your bank account
Customer Q&A
Q: Where do receive the picks ?
A: Picks are sent in the "B6 Commander" and "B6 Operators" channels.
Asked on Apr 22, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(79 reviews)
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10h ago
STOP 🛑 Let me share with you the heartfelt story of Bravo Six Picks and the profound impact it has had on my life. In a world where finding a winning sports betting server feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, stumbling upon Bravo Six Picks was a true blessing. From the moment I joined this server, I felt a sense of camaraderie and respect that transcended mere betting predictions. Bravo Six Picks is not just a platform for making profits; it is a community that treats each member with the utmost respect and kindness, like a family bound by a common goal. The spirit of unity and support that flows through Bravo Six Picks is unlike anything I have ever experienced. We are not just individuals trying to make gains; we are a collective force striving for success together. One of the most touching aspects of Bravo Six Picks is how we celebrate not only our individual victories but also our collective achievements. The bond that we share goes beyond monetary gains; it is built on a foundation of mutual trust and encouragement. Every win, no matter how big or small, is a cause for celebration because we understand that our successes are intertwined. The moment that truly brought tears to my eyes was when I turned a modest $50 into a remarkable $1000 with the help of Bravo Six Picks' expert selections. The joy and pride I felt were amplified by the knowledge that I was not alone in my journey. We were all in this together, supporting and uplifting each other every step of the way. Bravo Six Picks is more than just a sports betting server; it is a sanctuary of support and empowerment. If you are seeking a community that values mutual respect, camaraderie, and shared prosperity, Bravo Six Picks is the haven you have been searching for. Join us in our quest for success, where we tread the path of gains together, hand in hand, like a true family united by a common purpose.
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10h ago
I was actually looking for a new discord when I got an Instagram add for it crazy how that works but I checked out the discord and noticed it had a free trial so I tried it out that same day I made a profit and joined right away. I even went up on my unit number because I can safely make a play and be confident on it. The mods in there are very knowledgeable and post great plays daily I literally can tail anyone in there and I’m really confident its going to hit, the community is very active and helpful I even won on shared picks from the community. Highly recommend this discord
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7d ago
You know , if you’re familiar with the Discord Sports Betting Community, then you’d know how many scams and phony groups there are out there. That could not describe Bravo Six more poorly, these guys are on their Ps and Qs when it comes to dropping reliable slips. On top of being accurate, the Operators are more than helpful and very friendly. This is a very well organized team and I have seen a fruitful amount of success since joining the ranks (25 wins within the week of joining). So with that being said Go Bravo Six 🤝🤑
How do I access the Discord?
After you purchase a membership, you will be prompted to claim discord access. Claim the access and connect your discord to Whop. You will automatically be added into the server.
How are the picks delivered in the Discord?
VIP Members, picks are posted in the "B6 Operators" channels daily.
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Bravo Six Picks
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79 reviews

Bravo Six Picks Analysts' winning method give members a statistical edge resulting in profitable returns over the long-term.

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