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Cakes Bakes

(4 reviews)

We have some of the best deal providers and software to make you money. If you aren't making money, we aren't happy.

We offers some of the best monitors, scrapers, and automation tools in the game.

Come find out what all the fuss is about.

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By joining this group, you are taking the first step towards entrepreneurship. You are on your way towards success.
Deals / Price Errors
We find some of the best deals and share them to make you money. We constantly are posting new deals for you.
We offer some of the best monitors, scrapers, and automation tools in the cooking game. Including Cakes Bakes exclusive.
1-on-1 Support
We have experts in every topic; whether you need help with Amazon, eBay, shipping or something else we are here to help.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
1d ago
Very friendly staff, and great community! You can easily make back your money, and more, after just a few days. Best part is, it's completely legal. I will be renewing my membership!
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19d ago
Great staff, very friendly Ask them anything and they'll know the answer. And yes,everything that we do here is 100% guaranteed legal. So you have no doubts that you can trust us. There's enough cake for all of us to have a slice
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24d ago
Within my first day, I got 1.5k worth of products for completely free thanks to Cakes Bakes. Definitely recommend it, it's much cheaper than other CGs too.
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Cakes Bakes
Reselling • E-Commerce

4 reviews

Our goal is to foster an elite group of entrepreneurs with a common goal of success.

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