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Capital Sports Investing

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Professional sports handicapper and consultant, helping people invest wisely in sports and build bankroll. Don't gamble...invest!

Full access to our private, VIP discord server where plays will be posted, research and write ups shown, and chat group for sweating out great bets. Tutorials, support and help available for those who want to learn as well as earn!

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Access to VIP Picks
Full access to my new Dsicord group where all VIP plays will be posted
Props.Cash Research Tool
Access to our props.cash research tool in the discord. So you can see any stats/analysis/trends that you want to.
Chat Room for VIP Picks
Full access to VIP Chat in Discord
VIP plays
Access to our researched and analyzed VIP picks to help you invest your money wisely.
We are here to help you entirely and teach along the way. We are here to learn, earn and have fun!
%100 Transparent Recaps
Whether we win or lose, full transparency will be shown in regards to our performance and Return on Investment.
Private Discord Server
Private discord server for our VIP's and our picks and research to be posted. Come learn and earn!
Full transparency
I screenshot my bets. We win and lose together, ALWAYS. I wouldn't suggest a bet unless I too am risking my own $
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3 months ago
Brand new discord, well organized and great ROI in first month (wasn't even a whole month). I went up over 18 units in 2nd half of February. CSI has great plays and I can't think of a sport they don't cover. Can't beat the price either
How many plays do you post?
Varies from day to day, but at least 5 most days and no more than 20. Our goal is to build bankroll while limiting exposure and risk for our customers.
What sports do you handicap?
We provide expert analysis and picks across many sports. Our specialty is NFL, NBA, NCAAF, EPL, Serie A and ATP. However, we also provide picks in the NHL, NCAAB, MMA, and more!
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Capital Sports Investing
Sports Picks • General

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Launched in 2/2024, we provide expert betting advice and help people learn to invest wisely in sports, and to stop gambling away their money. Over 15 + years of experience in professional betting world. Our goal is for our customers to learn, earn and have fun!

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