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Cash Capital Investment Group

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(62 reviews)

Turn Your Cash Into Capital!

The ENTIRE Cash Capital Experience

  • Stock Market Analysis

  • Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Market Analysis

  • LIVE Q/A Voice Chat + Market Morning Analysis

  • Our Custom LIVE Skillz Webinars

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Discord access

Market Analysis
Receive DAILY insights from our team of experts in stock trading, forex trading, or sports betting
Skill Webinars
Weekly educational sessions to level up your ability in each category
Live Q/A Voice Chat
Gain insights from our staff in real time to help you make adjustments on the fly
Customer question & answers
How do I get access to my subscription that I paid for ?
Hi Hasan - welcome to the winning team! You should have received email communication from Whop upon subscription to our services with a clickable "Claim your subscription" button. Be sure your Discord account is connected to your Whop account so you can manage your subscription going forward as well! Visit: Account settings, my account, social accounts, new account, and then enter discord login details and authorize. From there you should see Cash Capital Investment Group in your Discord app!
Customer reviews
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4d ago
Excellent experience, learned a lot and added some great techniques. I'd like you to recommend this program to anyone serious about learning the Trading Business.
Purchased 2 months ago
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7d ago
An amazing group and will help you develop the skills needed to become a independent trader, all you need is patience and the education!
Purchased 20d ago
User avatar
8d ago
Best plan ever. Love CC
Purchased 1 year ago
What is Options Trading?
Instead of trading stocks, which is buying one share or more, we are trading options. An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (in the case of a call) or sell (in the case of a put) the underlying asset at a specific price on or before a certain date. The options contract is equivalent to 100 shares of a stock but you are trading them at a discounted price. This could lead to potential gains or losses, so enter at your own risk.
What Is Forex?
Forex is a different form of trading with a focus on trading the fluctuation of foreign currencies around the world.
What is Discord?
Discord is a group-chatting platform originally built for gamers, that has since become a general use platform for may kinds of communities.
Can I get a refund?
Yes! We are proud to boast a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee! So if you use our services and decide within 7 days of your purchase that it is not for you, we are happy to give you a refund with no explanation!
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Cash Capital Investment Group
Trading β€’ Investing

62 reviews

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Cash Capital Investment Group is an E-learning platform focused on portfolio advancement primarily through Financial Markets Trading. We are a heavily experienced and qualified team with emphasis on TEACHING our members how to make Stock Market recommendations through our Technical Analysis Expertise and in depth News Based Analysts. The goal of our group is to allow our members to LEARN, EARN, And GROW. Greater than a portfolio, we serve as a gateway to an extra source of income. However, our services are not restricted to just financial markets. We believe investing is not just monetarily, but also internally: we believe in investing in yourself.

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