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Casual Coppers

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Casual Coppers is a UK reselling community lead by industry experts with 10+ years experience.

We help you make an additional income from your phone by providing you with the tools and resources needed to buy & sell the latest and most exclusive products.

Sneakers, Collectibles, Toys, Vinyls, Books, Trading Cards, Art & Tickets

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Lowkey Drops
Various exclusive drops including but not limited to: Collectibles, Toys, Vinyls, Books, Trading Cards, Art & Tickets
Detailed coverage of all mainstream and off the radar releases which includes: Calendars, Reminders, Monitors & Alerts
1:1 Support
Access to a team of experts with over a decade of reselling experience.
A wide selection of detailed guides, many of which include secret tips to help you succeed on your journey.
Deals & Discounts
A dedicated section of the community offering: Freebies, Deals & Price Errors.
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5 out of 5
(186 reviews)
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a day ago
First joined the group back in July 2021, very good value with very knowledgeable staff and would highly recommend
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a day ago
A great community for understand new and diverse reseller markets. There’s a real helpful nature from the helpers and members and has helped me to bag personal grails whilst also paying for a range of bills such as unexpected vets and plumbing issues!
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a day ago
I’ve been with CC for a while now. As someone who already resells things, I was skeptical that joining a group like this would provide me with much extra information, but over the last 10 months or so I have been throughly impressed with the information provided, especially on products I wouldn’t have thought about or otherwise been aware of. I joined with the mentality that if I didn’t make the membership money back each month I would leave, I could have easily adjusted that to be 10x the membership cost and still be in the server.
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Casual Coppers
Reselling • Sneakers

186 reviews

The UK's most comprehensive reselling community that has made its members over £15million in profits!

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