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Step into the world of Chuck D's Proficy and get blessed!

Join the elite with the MVP Package, your ticket to top-tier sports betting expertise. For only $49.99 a month, get between 20-40 weekly picks from the man they call King Kong, who amassed over 400 units last year, 110 units the last 6 weeks of 2023, and already has an 81 unit January under his belt this year.

As an MVP, you'll get all-inclusive access to the Chuck D's Proficy Discord, which often includes early access to picks and other unique play-making opportunities, plus you will never have to worry about missing out because you are covered with direct-to-phone notifications from the Whop app for every single play. You will even receive a personalized avatar displaying your favorite teams or individual flair in which you can use on any platform.

MVPs will also have access to all plays sent directly to the Chuck D MVP Telegram. Either way, Don't wait! Dive in and elevate your sports wagering experience today!

Use code KING KONG for 20% off per month for your first 6 months*

*Could expires May 10th

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A True OG
Chuck's been placing bets since before the internet (Not really, but in the mid-90s, internet was scarce to the public)
His system is his age
Chuck doesn't worry algorithms or systems. He's seen it all before. Sometimes the winner is just going to be the winner.
The Discord is a team.
King Kong may run the show, but that doesn't mean the Discord is without content providers and other cappers w/a channel
Do not Miss out on this Promo
To celebrate Chuck's first month on the platform, you can use promo code KINGKONG and get 20% off per month for 6 months
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5 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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1 month ago
Chuck is the bomb. Been cashing in on his plays for years!
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2 months ago
Chuck D has been one of the best and most transparent handicappers in sports betting. I followed him here from a previous platform & have profited massive. Swiss Army knife of handicapping. Definitely recommend if you like money.
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2 months ago
Chuck D has been the best handicapper along my journey. I am in his road to millions club and mvp. I followed him from his previous company. Il ride his pics to the one million we are looking for.
What books do you recommend?
Bovada is basically a must with all of the boxing and soccer plays I put out. Not only do they offer more matches, but more props for each match. I also recommend using a book that allows SGPs. I use Hard Rock, but I live in Florida and my options are limited. Lastly I advise that you get a P2P exchange or book as you will get the best odds around, and if you've been in this game long enough you know that juice matters in the long run. That's how you win over all.
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Chuck D
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14 reviews

Chuck D, aka King Kong, aka The Profit has been in the game for nearly a decade and a half and during that time he has given Vegas a bloodbath. All of his plays are five unit plays (5% of your bankroll, or five 1% unit plays). This is because ultimately he wins every year, and if you're going to win a little, why not win a lot. He is a 2004 University of Florida alum and has been gambling himself for coming up on 30 years.

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