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Crown Sports

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Sports Betting advisors helping clients profit long-term. We focus on strategies for DFS Pick-Em apps and On/Offshore Sportsbooks

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We will teach you the basics of sports betting as well as strategies to profit long-term
Live Strategy Updates
Receive real-time notifications on Discord when a new recommended slip strategy is posted
Slip Recommendations
Receive the most optimal slips recommendations for DFS apps as well as on/offshore sportsbooks
Post Your Slips
There is a channel dedicated to allowing subscribers to post slips based on strategies learned
Weekly/Monthly recaps
Each channel contributor will provide weekly and monthly updates with their Profit and ROI
Customer Q&A
Q: 20/50 slip is alot what is the win % of the slip- i mainly use prize pick underdog-- my fear is 20 slip at $5 is $100 how much is the win % roughly
A: This last week alone we went up over 100 units collectively. We had (5) 20X wins on UnderDog yesterday with NFL slips. If you are a $5 bettor, that's $500 in wins in one day. +EV betting is a long-term process that focuses on profit, not win rate. You can lose a lot of bets but still be profitable
Asked on Oct 30, 2023
Q: Good morning- just curious how many slips do you share roughly and are they mix from 6 picks 4 picks 5 picks 2 and 3 picks and do you do NBA too
A: Good morning. It depends on the day to be honest. There can be anywhere from 20-50 slips a day scattered throughout the various apps. We do all major sports and the majority of slips are 5 picks but we will have some that will be more or less. Hope that helps!
Asked on Oct 30, 2023
Q: Did the server shut down?
A: Unfortunately, yes we had to shut down. If you are looking for another community, I recommend Furnacepicks: https://whop.com/furnacepicks/?d2c=true&directPlanId=plan_mDeZj6I1gPE1c&pass=prod_BoVLEzkDFNGfB&a=crowndfs
Asked on May 5, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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3 months ago
Chill server crown clutch with the mineylines!
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4 months ago
Great group of moderators that definitely love what they do. Highly recommended.
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6 months ago
Discord is the best help me understand the +ev strategy I love it
What should my starting bankroll be?
We recommend a minimum bankroll of $500 to maximize the benefit from this Discord.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes we do! Members can receive a percentage for each member that they refer.
How many slip suggestions are posted each day?
It depends on the day but we generally post between 20-30+ day between DFS and Sportsbooks.
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Crown DFS Sports Bets
Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

5 reviews

Providing knowledge and strategies on how to beat the sportsbooks and DFS apps long-term. Whether you are a $5/unit sports bettor or a $500/unit sports bettor, the principles are the same. We aim to turn the casual bettor into a sharp bettor at a FRACTION of the cost. Our goal is to continue to find edges and provide as much value to our members as possible as the Sports Betting Market is always shifting and evolving. Each advisor posts weekly and monthly recaps in an effort of full transparency to our members.

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