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DevOpsShell is to the standard terminal what Microsoft Word is to Notepad.

DevOpsShell is the ultimate command line tool to take your operating system to the next level! DevOpsShell is to the standard terminal what Microsoft Word is to Notepad.

With its powerful features such as Clones, Spawns, Commands, Repeaters, Arrays, Variables, and Notes, DevOpsShell is a stand-alone application that expands the capabilities of your OS shell tremendously. It runs within its own ecosystem, allowing you to use any OS commands or applications such as MongoDB, MySQL, or SSH while continuing to use DevOpsShell's internal commands. This means you can launch a CLI and use DevOpsShell's features right within it!

Upgrade your command line today and download DevOpsShell for free!

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Click To Execute
Create and save commands for later use and click an execute button to execute the command.
Spawn Clones
Spawn multiple shell windows that each execute the commands of the parent shell.
Repeat a command infinitely or finitely. Great for monitoring purposes.
CLI Insertion
Use DevOpsShell's commands and features inside of third party cli(s) such as remote hosts, database clis, vi, etc ... .
Store Notes
Store terminal output to an internal note. This is great for saving logs or documents.
Optional ability to log previous commands for reference or later use.
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11d ago
Love the ease of access to data.
Purchased 11d ago
Why use this over the normal command line?
To put it simply, DevOpsShell offers support and convenience all in once place. Yes you can save notes with a normal command line, yes you can save variables with a normal command line, yes you can execute a series of commands with a normal command line however, DevOpsShell offers all of these things and more with clarity, real time visualization, and everlasting ease of access. Everything is right there! DevOpsShell offers ease and support that the standard terminal simply does not, making your time on the command line a more convenient experience.
Is my data stored securely?
All Data generated in DevOpsShell is stored inside of the local machine in which the app exists and is NEVER accessed or stored elsewhere. We at DevOpsShell greatly value privacy and security in all regards.
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We are a group of developers who saw an opportunity to create a tool that we believe would help command line users all around the world.

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