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Elite Resellers

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The #1 Source for Price Errors, Major Deals, Sneakers, Flips, Trading Cards and much more. Making our members $1000s per month!

Elite Resellers

What do we offer:

We have a detailed Price Error and Deals section dedicated to getting the quickest notifications to our members for products that have been discounted for the lowest price in any retail store/site. These Deals/Price Errors can be up to 100% off! Members can make $100-1k+ on one price error/deal!

Amazon Freebie ACO:

Amazon often offers coupons and discounts on select items without notice. Our bots are constantly monitoring for these coupons and discounts to find items that are 100% off. Once found, our bots will attempt to purchase this FREE item for you.

The quickest and intelligent restock monitors including:

  • Price Errors
  • Deals/Freebies
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Pokemon Center
  • Panini
  • Topps
  • Fanatics
  • Walmart
  • BestBuy

We have opened up a brand new feature called Elite Assistant. The Elite Assistant offers 9+ commands specifically geared towards your reselling needs such as:

  • eBay Views
  • eBay Watchers
  • Check fees at retail stores
  • Look up what a product resells for on Amazon
  • In Store Stock On A Product
  • Stock Numbers For Retail Locations
  • Search Any Product By Barcode

**We also have a multitude of offerings and listings to include: **

  • All Sneaker Info
  • Brick Flips
  • Restocks Updates
  • Release Channels
  • Toy Flips
  • Ticket Flips
  • Funko Flips
  • Lowkey Flips
  • Travel Deals
  • Webinars
  • Sports Betting
  • Shipping Labels (As low as $4)
  • Release Calendars
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
  • Amazon Deals
  • Amazon Freebies
  • Rewards and Exclusive Giveaways
  • Deals, Coupons and Freebies
  • Store Codes


Our members have access to private stores to sell their shoes for double than StockX/Goat. We have step by step guides and support staff to help you succeed in consignment! Providing over 10+ stores to sell too

We also cover all Sneaker Releases:

  • Sneaker Guides
  • Shock Drops
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Sneaker Restock info
  • Supreme

We also have an extensive trading card support section to give our members the latest information on releases and opportunities to resell for profit or grab personal items.

You can get access to all of this info for only $20 a month. Members make their monthly fee after one drop.

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Discord access


Price Error Posts/Monitors
Covering ALL Price Errors around the internet + in store!
Exclusive Seminars 
Help you 24/7 with any questions or concerns you have to secure you $1000s a month!
Retail Monitors
The fastest monitors for all retail sites with auto pingers customize for you!
Sneaker Section
A detailed section for Sneakers. Covering all drops and posting guides, shock drop info, calendars and more!
Affordable Shipping
Ship your items anywhere across the US for as low as $4! Simple, Fast and Easy!
Dedicated Card Section
An updated release calendar with channels for profit making drops for all kinds of cards!
Elite Assistant
9 commands designed to give resellers easy access to key information.
Exclusive Giveaways
Valuable products and services given away to our members.
Customer question & answers

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Customer reviews
4.95 out of 5
(16 reviews)
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4d ago
Ive been here for about a week or two and have already gotten plenty of value from the group. Between the price errors & the retail monitors you'll make your money back super fast. Definitely worth the $10/month plenty of knowledge about reselling available here and easily digestible for a beginner at any age range. ❤️
Purchased Elite Reselling 11d ago
User avatar
5d ago
Info is on point, the community is sold; Elite Resellers is really the only Discord group you need. Tons of features from sneakers to cards to sports to lowkey flips for only $10/month. Couldn't ask for a better price.
Purchased Elite Reselling 7d ago
User avatar
7d ago
Owner isn't straightforward or honest. Offered a free trial, then quickly revoked it without reason. For the short amount of time I was in the group, the leads were not substantial and there was nothing that you wouldn't be able to find on twitter. Additionally, the server was disorganized and had little to no format. I'd stay away from this group if you want to take reselling seriously.
Purchased Elite Reselling 7d ago
I am brand new to reselling, do you help beginners?
Yes! We love to see new members in the reselling community. We will help you from top to bottom of reselling! We love questions and we love to help!
Do I need a lot of capital to start?
NOT HERE! You can start with literally $0 of capital and work your way up!
Do you cover all information for reselling?
We sure do, we cover all the profitable sections in reselling!
Can I cancel anytime?
YES! You can always cancel when you want!
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Elite Resellers
Reselling • General

16 reviews

Elite Resellers is a place for people who love or want to learn how to resell. We cover all when it comes to reselling. We show you the best ways to get product and move product. We have live calls with our members to give them live support on anything in reselling. If you love to make money or want to learn join our family today. Our gates are open and looking forward to seeing you inside! If you want to add $1000s a month to your income. Join on the action today!

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