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(334 reviews)

The key to your reselling success, providing you with random resell information, concert tickets, sneaker information, early information for all drops

#1 Resell Community - If you're serious about securing limited-release sneakers and retail items, choosing EscapeNotify is a the way to go. At just 45,00€ per month, you'll get access to a powerful discord server with over 450+ custom monitors, release guides & way more.

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Excellent Community
Join our thriving community of like-minded individuals, all striving for success together, leaving no one behind.
Customer Support
Exceptional 24/7 1-on-1 customer support, providing unmatched assistance and guidance.
1:1 Coaching
Unlock your full potential with personalized 1-on-1 coaching. Gain valuable insights, guidance, and tailored strategies
750+ Custom Monitors
Stay ahead with our lightning-fast custom monitors, keeping you informed about the latest product restocks.
Live Meetings
Experience engaging live meetings: network, learn from experts, and discover new opportunities for your success.
Early Information
Be the first to know. Gain early access to crucial releases with our exclusive insider information.
Inhouse App
Seamless reselling at your fingertips. Our in-house app streamlines your journey to success.
Random Resell
Unlock hidden profit potential with our alternative resell and arbitrage insights. Stay ahead, maximize earnings.
Customer Q&A
Q: Hello wanted to ask if this is more suitable for EU region, US region or Asia. ?
A: EscapeNotify is an european-based cookgroup, focused on Sneakers, Random Resell & Bricks.
Asked on Jun 7, 2023
Q: Once you register how fast can you be up and running as a beginner?
A: With the help of our excellent team aswell as our supportive community, even as a beginner, you'll find yourself up in no time. We're here to guide you through every step of the way on your journey to success.
Asked on May 18, 2023
Q: Is this SPECIFIC to EU, or just another UK group?
A: Specific to EU.
Asked on Aug 4, 2023
Q: Do you give out free weeklys?
A: Not anymore.
Asked on Aug 9, 2023
Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(334 reviews)
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2 months ago
Escape Notify ist die beste CookGroup in der ich je war. Die Cook Group verfügt über die schnellsten Monitore und über die besten Pings bei Restocks. Des Weiteren fokussiert sich die Gruppe nicht nur auf den Bereich Sneaker, sondern auch auf andere alternative Sparten, wie zum Beispiel: Tickets, Lego Investments, Alkohol, Trading Cards uvm.. Außerdem ist die Community mega freundlich und jede Frage wird einem beantwortet. Es gibt in regelmäßigen Abständen meetings, welche einem dabei helfen verschiedene Dinge dazuzulernen. Außerdem gibt es etliche interessante Groupbuys in der Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenster Partner. Zudem gibt es fast täglich verschiedenste Giveaways. Für noch etliche weitere Vorteile durch die Gruppe kannst du ja mal gerne reinschauen. Hier ist jeder willkommen und wird herzlichst begrüßt. Wenn dich das Thema resell/ Investment interessiert bist du hier genau richtig. Escape ist der Key.
User avatar
2 months ago
Zufriedenstellend ausgezeichnet und überraschend nützlich. Es bringt immer viele Überraschungen und Hilfe mit sich.
User avatar
2 months ago
Good informations, great members... time to make some money. Best Group!!!
Do you have a 24/7 support to ask beginner friendly questions?
Yes, we have a dedicated support team to serve all your questions. Upon joining the group, a ticket will be opened where you will be welcomed and can ask your first questions.
Can I join for one month to look how it is & still have the possibility to cancel the
Yes you can subscribe to only a single month and cancel any time you want to leave.
Do you have staff to help me learn how to resell?
Yes, of course we have over 30+ Staff Members helping you with 1:1 support. No member gets lost. We help everyone like a real family.
Do I need experience with botting software to profit from the group?
No definitely not. Escape is a beginner friendly group that offers you a lot of possibilities to step up your career without the need of any purchasing software. We provide a lot of information for manual users.
Do you provide custom monitors besides rented ones?
Indeed. Our devs are working 24/7 to bring you new monitors for your suggested sites. We also service you with a lot of lowkey sites to clear the stock.
About the seller
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Reselling • Sneakers

334 reviews

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EscapeNotify has been a trusted and reliable group for sneaker & retail enthusiasts for almost 4 years. With a team of experienced developers & staff constantly improving the group, EscapeNotify has consistently delivered reliable results. Its advanced features and user-friendly guides make it the ultimate solution for securing limited-release sneakers and retail items.

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