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EvanOnEarth Sports Betting Discord

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Model Driven Betting Picks - 60%+ Daily Win Rate

Run it to the bank with our Sports Betting Discord. Get access to the private Discord where I post my betting model picks for NBA, (Moneyline, Spread, Over/Under Totals all included). Any queries, please contact evanonearthh@gmail.com

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In-depth Analysis
We provide a detailed breakdown of each bet to increase your understanding and betting skills.
NBA Picks Every Day!
You'll get access to all NBA game lines and predictions daily.
High Win Percentage Prediction
Our predictive algorithm provides a high win-percentage - 70%
Accurate Sportsbook Lines
Our algorithm is set up to automatically update if there are any movements with the betting lines.
Live Discord Community
Join our vibrant betting community on Discord for game-time discussions, betting advice, and peer learning.
Real-Time Betting Updates
Our Discord allows us to share betting updates in real-time.
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(1 reviews)
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5 months ago
A free first month with in depth analysis explanations , one on one messaging to discuss and help where needed, green ticks nearly everyday if not every day and always making profit ? Are all really just a few things why I think this discord has the chance to probably be one of thee best out there, really is one of a kind with hours of hours research put into the slips , almost all money lines are green and I can definitely recommend this group to anyone wanting to make a few bucks across the board, we don’t always hit but we definitely are making that bread over time 🤝🏼
What type of bets does the model cover?
Our model covers the Moneyline, Spread and Over/Under Total Points.
How often are predictions updated?
Our predictions are updated daily
How do I integrate your tool with my betting decisions?
Our tool automatically analyses NBA statistics and gives you detailed breakdown & updates on betting lines.
How does your model predict NBA betting outcomes?
Our model predicts the outcomes by looking at team statistics and analysing the probability in line with the sportsbooks odds. The aim is to find the best value bets on the NBA market.
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EvanOnEarth Sports
Sports Picks • NBA

1 review

Our Sports Betting Discord is all about making the picks easy to read - no need to overcomplicate it. We provide many daily insights into our reasoning. Over here, we don't sweat it - trust the figures. Run it.

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