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Top 1% Fifa Trading

(18 reviews)

Join the 12,000+ members making millions of coins! πŸ’°

Limited Spaces Available βŒ›

We are one of the leading FC25 patreons, don't waste your money on FC points. Save your money & make millions of coins with us! πŸ’Έ

If you want to build your dream team without breaking the bank you are in the right place. πŸ†

Top 1% is owned and managed by a top 100 trader. You can ask questions whenever πŸ’™

Some of the reasons our customers keep coming back for more: πŸ€‘

Marquee matchup predictions

Daily market updates from a top 100 trader

Exclusive leaks

Small friendly community

Investments for console & pc

Squad building help

What are you waiting for? Come and grab your free trial & see what it's all about! πŸ‘€

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Top 1% Premium (6 Months)

Exclusive Investments
The best FC24 investments to make you coins!
24/7 Support
Ask any question you have - any hour of the day! Our goal is to help you succeed, and want to help any way possible
Daily Market Updates
You will receive the latest FC24 news as well as regular market updates to keep you up to speed!
Low Budget Trading
Everyone has to start somewhere, we provide leaks and marquee match up predictions to help those on a lower budget!
Console & PC Compatability
We give out prices for our console and pc users, everyone can get involved in our trades!
Helpful Community
Join our exclusive community of like minded traders, we all help each other out!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(18 reviews)
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19 days ago
Don't waste your money on FC points!!! πŸ’₯
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19 days ago
I came in as a complete beginner to trading but the guides and tips have helped me make my first million in fifa :))
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19 days ago
very professional and helpful.
Do you offer PC and Console trading tips?
Yes we do, all of our market updates apply to both consoles. Our investments have PC and Console buy prices as well.
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Top 1% Fifa Trading
Gaming β€’ FIFA

18 reviews

Join us so we can help take you to the top 1%!

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