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Customer Q&A
Q: With the $25 weekly membership do you also get GFNF bets discord?
A: Hello, With our $25 weekly membership option, you receive full access to our Discord. That includes Sports Betting, tickets, low-key flips, and everything else our team offers. Hope this helps.
Asked on May 24, 2023
Q: What makes GFNF different from other forms/communities of reselling/ecom
A: Our team. We don't have $300/month paid providers that are providing our core information like all of your "sneaker groups". Professionals providing guidance and information that is un-matched is our MO. Categories include Concert Tickets, Vinyl, Legos, Sports Picks, Lowkey Flips & Amazon FBM/FBA.
Asked on May 26, 2023
Q: For Tickets, does your information also provide insight for the Canadian side?
A: Hello, Our Ticket Team covers a wide range of events, some of which do occur in Canada. Hope this helps.
Asked on Jun 16, 2023
Q: Hi iโ€™m mostly interested in reselling vinyl. Do most people on your server do it manually, or using a bot?
A: Hi - most people do not bot vinyl, no. A lot of vinyl you can cop manually and quite easily if you have the role for vinyl pings :) Sometimes there are very limited vinyl that release, and people will need a bot, but that is not the norm.
Asked on Aug 11, 2023
Q: How can I get in contact with staff? I am NOT in the paid server and do not see any way to contact anybody.
A: You can send us a DM on Twitter https://twitter.com/GFNF__
Asked on Jul 6, 2023
Q: Do you have EU channels?
A: Hi! Yes, we have EU channels for Concert Tickets/Events.
Asked on Jul 26, 2023
Q: do yall have free aco?
A: Yes. Any ACO offered by our team is free.
Asked on Jul 14, 2023