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Customer Q&A
Q: I'm looking for wholesale manufacturers for Grappling (jiu-jitsu) gear, like compression gear from U but thicker. IS there a resource on this site?
A: Yes! We are updating the All-Access sheet with a phenomenal martial arts (BJJ as well) manufacturer on February 1st. They work with many reputable brands like shoyoroll.
Asked on Jan 26, 2024
Q: Will how do I reach you by email I have a different use case for your services
A: You can reach out to info@glassfactory.info for any questions :)
Asked on Jan 23, 2024
Q: Left you an email, but do you have any resources on factories that actually make glassware?
A: Not yet featured, but will be added in the coming months as we expand our factory offerings
Asked on Mar 2, 2024
Q: is PayPal your only way of payment?
A: For the time being yes, but please keep in mind that PayPal accepts all big credit card providers (and most small ones).
Asked on Jan 30, 2024
Q: Hey there, trying to find a good manufacturer for high-quality Flipflops and slippers . Does your list contain some? Thank you.
A: Yes quite a few options actually.
Asked on Jan 24, 2024
Q: Do you have factories with MOQ of 50 units?.........I don't have paypal but I want to buy your service what can I do?.....BTW 🖤 Your work.Thank you🖤
A: We have a few factories with 50 MOQ, unfortunately, we only accept paypal through Whop.
Asked on May 31, 2024
Q: Leather Goods like Leather jackets and leather pant manufacturers included ?
A: Yes there is an outstanding italian leather jacket manufacturer (who can do pants as well). There is also other factories on there that can do leather :)
Asked on Jan 20, 2024
Q: Hi, I’m looking for the best manufacturer (preferably EU)for suits. Can I find such manufacturers in ur list or should I rather book a personal call?
A: We have a few factories for shirting but none on the list for suiting yet. We will be adding them as we come across them.
Asked on Mar 25, 2024
Q: I’m looking for manufacturers within North America. Are your list mainly focused on Asia ?
A: There is a whole section dedicated to all key continents for manufacturing premium clothing. North America has its own section with multiple factories!
Asked on Jan 28, 2024
Q: Hi team, does the team design and design products and place products at the factory in China?
A: We do not design products, however many of the factories listed can help you with designing. And yes, there's over 50 factories in China on the list.
Asked on Mar 28, 2024
Q: Hi! Do you have manufacturers that specialize in high quality linen and cotton for women’s wear?
A: Yes!
Asked on Mar 26, 2024
Q: Do you have connections to eu factory’s with low MOQ for gym wear with quality such as Gymshark & youngla and experience ordering from them ?
A: We have amazing activewear factories listed from Turkey (with quality exceeding that of gymshark and youngla). Quantities are around 300. We also have the same but minimum quantity 100 in Colombia.
Asked on Apr 5, 2024
Q: Hello there, I wondered if your list does provide any children and kids clothing factories?
A: Yes, some of these factories can do children's clothing!
Asked on Mar 28, 2024
Q: Any access to manufactures that do anything similar to rhude or gallery all over prints ?
A: Yes! So many
Asked on Mar 5, 2024
Q: Do your manufacturers ship to Brazil? Any experience with that? Thank you.
A: Yes! Most factories will ship worldwide!
Asked on May 5, 2024
Q: looking for vendors for blank tote bags, is this something you can offer information on? I don't want to go the Alibaba route. I want great quality
A: Yes, many of the factories listed can make you high quality tote bags.
Asked on Apr 6, 2024
Q: This product says "List of trade shows where the best factories can be met." but it doesn't say that. Where is the list of trade shows?
A: It is there, it's the second sheet on the file!
Asked on Feb 11, 2024
Q: Do you include any jewellery manufacturers (men/ women's Cuban chains etc)?
A: Yes we are adding some this month!
Asked on Feb 20, 2024
Q: Im looking for a factory to produces uniforms in huge numbers (for celebrations of firefighters) is there any factory for that ?
A: There will be more added soon! I have one in Colombia that is particularly strong for that.
Asked on Feb 29, 2024
Q: What is the duration of the monthly call you provide to Manufacturing Wizard customers?
A: It is a 1 hour (60 minute) google meets video call with Will.
Asked on Apr 4, 2024
Q: We are interested in buy the all-access list. Our niche is swimwear, how many bikini factories (approximately) you have on this list? Thx
A: You can find 3 bikini factories on the list and we are adding more.
Asked on Mar 27, 2024
Q: Hi im looking for female apparel like dresses, skirts etc do you have manufactures within that niche
A: Yes!
Asked on Mar 13, 2024
Q: I am new to looking into this can someone explain what this is in depth?
A: Please see the Q&A and check out each product offering! To summarize, we help clothing (and general product) brands with supply chain. This includes reliable manufacturers, techpacks to communicate with them, consulting, and more!
Asked on Feb 4, 2024
Q: I'am inspiring to start a clothing line. I don't have any knowledge in the this field. Im getting ahead of myself by selecting one of your packages.
A: I would really recommend it if you're starting out. Setting off with the right factories from the onset will save you a lot of time and money, as well as teach you a lot about the process done the right way. These factories are all qualified and great.
Asked on Apr 12, 2024
Q: Does the list contain manufacturers that specialise in the creation of snow gear?
A: Yes, there are many factories listed that do outdoor winter apparel like down jackets, snowpants, and gloves.
Asked on May 8, 2024
Q: Hi, Do you have contact with factories that manufactures female clothing similar to the likes of Self-Portrait and Aje? or your focus is menswear?
A: Our factory list has manufacturers of menswear, womenswear and several other specialties.
Asked on May 29, 2024
Q: I am looking for manufacturing of quality women's handbags. Is that part of your list? Thanks
A: Yes! Have a few options available for that both in Europe and Asia.
Asked on Jan 20, 2024
Q: Do you have a list of Manufacturers that ships to the US that makes Mohair sweaters, Loafer shoes, Baggy Jeans, Belts, Wallets, Headwear, and Bags.
A: Yes we do! The factories on our list cover all those different kinds of products.
Asked on May 30, 2024
Q: Hi there, I am in search of best factories for Shirts (quality like Calvin Klein) and pants like Lululemon's. Is this subscription right for me?
A: Yes there are a few shirting factories as well as many activewear!
Asked on Jan 24, 2024
Q: Does the list of companies include manufacturers that arent clothing or accessories? For example plastic bag manufacturers?
A: The list is primarily for apparel, footwear, and fashion accessories. It does also include packaging factories (so paper and plastic bags are included), but they are more oriented towards fashion products.
Asked on Jan 24, 2024
Q: Do you have a list of manufacturers of football kits?
A: We have jersey manufacturers, but there are not specific suppliers for other football equipment (yet).
Asked on Jan 24, 2024