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Receive winning picks from the GOAT’s of sports betting 🏟️ Daily Sports Picks: Access daily curated sports picks in the NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, and Tennis. Current ROI is… 🎁 Exclusive Giveaways : Participate in weekly giveaways available to our privileged chat members only. 💰 Flexible Payment options: Choose from six different payment plans for uninterrupted access. 🤝 Fair Refund Policy: Enjoy refunds in the form of free days in our chat. NOTE: Ensure to download Telegram before purchase. By joining via whop, you agree to GOAT Sports Bets' terms and conditions. Download Telegram before purchase

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Basics of Sports Betting Expanded

Daily AFFORDABLE Sports Picks
NBA NHL Tennis UFC Boxing
Weekly Member Giveaways
Giveways including- Cash, Macbooks, Airpods, Ipads + More
Customer Q&A
Q: I don't have access to chat can't type in chat
A: Our chat is not a talking chat
Asked on May 17, 2023
Q: Does the weekly give you access to daily call outs?
A: Yes it does
Asked on May 16, 2023
Q: Is it 60 Canadian currency per month for sports chat?
A: All pricing is in USD
Asked on May 29, 2023
Q: Can I purchase via PayPal?
A: Unfortunately we only take payment via WHOP
Asked on May 18, 2023
Customer reviews
4.71 out of 5
(933 reviews)
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12 days ago
Joining the chat has been eye opening to my understanding of sports betting and how to be profitable is all situations regardless of the games outcome. We really are almost always on the right side of the draw. Vic and the entire team do an amazing job as moderators keeping us informed as to what’s happening live in game across almost every sport you could ever want. They are usually offering some sort of free trial but regardless the membership pays for itself off the first pick. Don’t sleep on the best way to scale your bankroll. No matter how much money you have to start if you follow the strategy it will most definitely increase. I’ve 35x my bankroll in less than a year and am now learning how to make my own picks via the private mentorship Vic offers. Couldn’t recommend more to anyone looking to get into the action of sports!
User avatar
12 days ago
Everyone in this chat was bit a by a goat because they don't miss
User avatar
12 days ago
i cannot give high enough praise to this group. they bust their bottoms to make sure we eat as a team, and hold themselves accountable to exactly that. WHO ELSE OFFERS TO GIVE OUT $15K FOR LOSING PICKS??
What sports betting site do you recommend?
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