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Customer Q&A
Q: Hello, Would I be able to receive a refund after I purchase the growth program?
A: If you've participated in our mentoring sessions actively, we will issue you a refund, no questions asked.
Asked on Jan 18, 2024
Q: will your program help me get to the tiktok creativity program if Im in Europe?
A: Yes, all our staff are experienced regarding accessing CPB from any country, so you'll get all the answers you need.
Asked on Jan 18, 2024
Q: For "Growth Community" there is an announced discount 33%, but it is not active any more.
A: Hey! It is active, you need to enter the code at checkout.
Asked on Feb 24, 2024
Q: When the new account is created how do one get followers up to the required numbers
A: It really depends on your niche, but slideshows are generally a good strategy to reach the 10k follower goal. Our mentors will help you out 1:1 to get going quickly
Asked on Mar 2, 2024
Q: can i send my accounts in the groups for review and will i get help then how to improve?
A: Of course you can either send it in the group chat or open your own private mentoring channel for free, and our mentors will analyse your account to see what you can do to go viral faster
Asked on Mar 2, 2024
Q: I'm based in Russia. Is this okay?
A: Your location is not a problem for this business model!
Asked on Feb 25, 2024
Q: i live in the uk, can i still benefit from this?
A: Without doubt, if you're living in the UK you have default access to the TikTok Creativity Program Beta. This means it will be easier for me and our mentors to help you get on the right track.
Asked on Feb 18, 2024
Q: how we can get 1000's of views in our videos any tips and tricks plz
A: Pretty hard to drop all the sauce in one message, but this is what you want to put your time into: - Picking a niche with potential - Choosing interesting video topics The quality of your videos does not matter if the topic is bad. However, if the topic is good, it can still go viral although the quality is trash.
Asked on Mar 10, 2024
Q: I created a account and post a video but im getting 0 views what should i do in that case ? and how to get viral our videos
A: If you're stuck on exactly 0 views, then you're shadowbanned. I recommend creating a new page and warming it up properly
Asked on Mar 10, 2024
Q: Do you help creating an account and getting to 10k followers and what tools to use? What is the best platform in order best to worse for AI automation
A: Yes, our mentors are highly experienced with using AI tools, and will help you out
Asked on Apr 21, 2024
Q: What is the 33% coupon discount For Growth Community that I need to enter at checkout?
A: Currently we do not have any exclusive discounts
Asked on Apr 6, 2024
Q: Good job
A: Appreciate it
Asked on Apr 3, 2024
Q: Will it be useful if i have no idea about what i should make videos about?
A: Yup, we have an entire niche list covering loads of niches, with great examples of the content
Asked on May 4, 2024
Q: Is this an Affiliate or CPB Program?
A: Both, we have mentors for TikTok Shop and the Creator Rewards Program
Asked on Apr 24, 2024
Q: Hi, how does the growth program works?
A: The Growth Program is a mentoring community where you will get 1:1 help by experienced mentors. We also have tons of other benefits such as: - Pre-made text guides - Recorded webinars - Numerous weekly group calls And much more.
Asked on Jun 11, 2024
Q: Can you aid in growing my YouTube channel, boosting subscribers, views, and revenue potential?
A: that's what we're here for, we have extremely experienced mentors ready to help you AT ANY TIME, not to mention our 3-4 weekly group calls
Asked on May 3, 2024
Q: Purchased Growth Training for AI Profits Discord access. Recent email says group is gone. How do I access the program I paid for? Please advise
A: Hey, we're back stronger than ever, just re-claim your discord access
Asked on Apr 30, 2024
Q: Am I guaranteed to make money in my first month on Tiktok or on Instagram?
A: No one is guaranteed to make money. It's impossible to guarantee such things. We will simply give you the knowledge, and ALL the tools you need to make tens of thousands of dollars on social media the coming years.
Asked on Jun 16, 2024