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Build a sustainable career with the world’s largest brands as your new partners.

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Become or hire the world's most effective short-form creators.
Our Guarantee
If you don't make $500 in the first 24 hours of joining our platinum program, we refund you.
Get access to our program on becoming a full-time content creator using the Digital Franchising model.
Get first access to all campaigns before they are posted on the Jelly platform.
Mentorship from Creators and Influencers making $100,000+ per month with Digital Franchising.
Get access to hundreds of resources, ideas, and strategies posted by our members and team.
Weekly Meetings + 24/7 Support
Weekly community calls with experts and 24/7 support from our team.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(73 reviews)
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18d ago
This is the best discord to join. I’ve been a UGC creator for 2 years. Getting consistent deals is EXTREMELY difficult.. then i took the risk with jelly and i’ve already made my money back within minutes. They have tons of clients ready to go ASAP. You have to take advantage of this opportunity. Amazing community here.
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21d ago
Best creator community, connected me with some super sick brands instantly. Literally got my ROI within minutes of joining the program
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21d ago
Best discord for finding brand deals + getting education. Have been here for a month and already imrpoved my content skills😮‍💨
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Social Media • Other

73 reviews

Jelly is the leading agency and technology platform to grow with the digital franchising model. Digital franchising is a content marketing strategy where multiple social media managers create and manage branded accounts for diverse audiences. Our platform connects multi-million dollar brands with verified creators who’ve demonstrated a skillset in building audiences and converting them into revenue.  Our Platinum Program allows any motivated individual to make a sustainable income as a content creator using the digital franchising model. The platinum program is run by industry experts, and it will teach you exactly how to successfully make content for brands. On top of that, we offer a money-back guarantee in the first 24 hours, meaning if you aren’t presented with a deal that makes you more than $500, we will refund you. This program will give you first access to all Jelly campaigns, which total over $100,000 per month in available positions. Joining Jelly Platinum is a no-brainer and your risk-free path to turning short-form content creation into a sustainable income.

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