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Deal Dad(dy)

(124 reviews)

Shop and resell like Daddy. Gain access to custom monitors, hidden clearance leads, and a thriving community of Deal Daddies.

➑️Get access to our telegram and where we post time sensitive deals that have resell value.⬅️

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Satisfaction Guranteed
Full refund if your subscription doesn't save or earn you more. #MoneyBackGuarantee
24/7 Deals
Gain access to a plethora of retail monitors that will alert you of the BEST deal
E-commerce flips
Resellers can expect resell leads ideal for most e-commerce websites.
Price error alerts
Get fast alerts for unbelievable prices.
Walmart Hidden Clearance Finds
You will have access to instore deals and the tools to track them down.
Wally Stock Checker
Don't bother with calling every store in your area, perform stock checks right from the comfort of Discord!
2008 Recession level budget
Don't care about resell? Get limited access for FREE! Save on gifts and essentials like our daddies did in 2008.
Customer Q&A
Q: Hello interested in joining but want to ask questions first, who can I reach out to?
A: You can DM me on discord. _shadowtech_ is the username.
Asked on Aug 15, 2023
Q: How do I buy it? It says sold out
A: If you are wanting to upgrade you must be in the discord for restocks. Otherwise we will do a public restock and announce it on Twitter.
Asked on Feb 18, 2024
Customer reviews
4.99 out of 5
(124 reviews)
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1 month ago
This server is honestly amazing! It has everything you could ask for and is constantly growing with feedback. Am so glad I became a lifetime member!
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1 month ago
This group is truly amazing! The time they spend creating this seems almost super human! Great deals to be had, even if you are only looking for personal items. The 30 day free trial, with code, makes it risk free. If you are a reseller, or want to be, then it's a no brainer.
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2 months ago
An amazing group dedicated to helping people find great deals online. The server is organized to be easy to navigate and the staff are always willing to help. I am always looking at the server and am hooked on getting the next big discount. Great server and has amazing tools.
Why should I join?
Your one-stop shop for unbeatable savings on everyday essentials, thoughtful gifts, and so much more! Join us today and start pocketing thousands in savings. Don't miss out – let's shop smarter together!
Is there a Refund Policy?
In order to prevent abuse of the refund policy there is a 24 hour grace period where you can request a refund.
About the seller
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Deal Dad
Reselling β€’ Retail

124 reviews

Inspired by his military background and his son's favorite show "Paw Patrol", Deal Dad aims to stretch your buying power with the best deals available both online and in-store! πŸͺ–πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ‘¦πŸΌβ€πŸ‘¦πŸΌ When Deal Dad is at home with the kids, an army of tactical pups are out sniffing for the best Deals!πŸ•πŸ©πŸΆ From exclusive price errors to Walmart's hidden clearance, Deal Dad's pups leave no deal left behind!πŸ”₯ Join to shop with your favorite pooch today! πŸ›οΈ

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