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Head of Fitness & Sport verticals at Whop. Business development specialist. Former pro soccer player. Full-time fitness junkie. Welcome to my whop!

Get in the best shape of your life with my 12 week mass maximizer blueprint.

As a former elite-level soccer player and fitness guru, I've distilled my methods into a game-changing 12-week program.

A career-ending injury at Aston Villa shattered my dreams of a trophy-laden career in the Premier League. However, as one door closed, another swung open.

Fueled by my unwavering work ethic and passion for fitness, I earned a soccer scholarship in the US, and embarked upon a rewarding journey in the fitness industry, contributing to renowned names such as Barry's Bootcamp and ClassPass.

Experience the time-tested methods that have sculpted Olympic athletes and soccer stars. This isn’t just any routine – it's a blueprint for success that's been dominating for decades. Sometimes, the classics are classics for a reason.

This program goes back to the basics, delivering extraordinary results in strength, muscle gain, and fat loss.

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12 Week Mass Maximizer Blueprint

Expert Advice
In realms spanning fitness, business, soccer, or even Whop, consider me your proficient guide.
Soccer Guidance
Navigated through the academy at Manchester United and into the professional ranks at Aston Villa.
Business Consulting
I have consulted across various industries, with a particularly deep understanding of digital marketplaces.
Fitness Specialist
I'm a former pro and collegiate athlete, and was BizOps Manager and Instructor at Barry's Bootcamp.
Spanish Speaking
I'm half-Spanish, but fully fluent!
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3 months ago
Awesome plan. Very detailed and efficient.
Where are you from?
I'm half-English, half-Spanish, and grew up in the hills of North Wales, but now reside in NYC.
What do you do?
I'm the Head of Fitness and Sport Verticals at Whop. Until recently, I was also an instructor at Barry's Bootcamp in NY.
Which soccer teams did you play for?
I started at Tranmere Rovers aged 10, and was in the academy at Man Utd from 12-16. I was then a pro at Aston Villa.
What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
Everything. But particularly the opportunity to test yourself against the best in your field.
What's your business history?
I worked for ClassPass, Freetrain, Fitnescity, and Fiverr before joining Whop. I am also an MBA honors graduate.
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Jason Severiano Lampkin
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I'm the Head of Fitness & Sport verticals at Whop, a business development specialist, and former pro soccer player. I'm half-English, half-Spanish, and grew up in the hills of North Wales, but have been residing in New York City and London for the past decade. As a former professional athlete, I have developed exceptional leadership skills and a winning mentality that has enabled me to achieve success in both personal and professional contexts. I bring innovative thinking and diligent implementation to every project, with a proven record of designing and delivering successful growth and expansion strategies for rapidly scaling businesses internationally.

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