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Limitless REI

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Limitless REI

Limitless REI is a nationwide real estate platform that provides proactive hands on education and support to thousands of wholesalers and realtors nationwide.

Why Should You Sign Up?

  • Weekly Q&A's [Answering ALL your questions]
  • Weekly Deal Underwriting [We breakdown YOUR deals/leads/situations]
  • Weekly 1 on 1 with @TheAlexAK at the VIP ONLY Weekly Meetings [ASK ANYTHING]
  • Limitless REI Contracts, Scripts, and Documents required for your wholesaling business [FOR FREE]
  • Hands On Business Support answering questions & educating you on ALL things Real Estate Wholesaling
  • Legal Support Forum for any sticky situations
  • Life, Sales, Negotiations, Emotional and Mental Intelligence Discussions

Be apart of a growing nationwide movement and network with R.E wholesalers from all ages and parts of the U.S at Limitless REI.

This is a non-refundable subscription and you can cancel anytime

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Limitless REI Contracts & Scripts [FULL PACKAGE]

Weekly Q&A's
Join our Member-Only weekly meetings and get answers to all of your questions.
Deal Underwriting
Got a hot lead you need help with? We can help underwrite the deal with you to ensure your numbers are valid.
1 on 1 with Alex Kolominsky
Every Friday at 1:30PM Pacific Time Alex Kolominsky goes LIVE with members of Limitless REI VIP
FREE Contracts & Scripts
Our contracts and scripts are included for free with your membership
FREE Nationwide Buyers List
You have to build a strong buyers list to succeed in real estate wholesaling. We provide that for you, for FREE.
Hands on business support
24/7 message policy for members only. Any question, anytime.
Legal Support
Marketing for real estate deals is no easy task. Got into a sticky situation and need some support? We got you.
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Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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17d ago
Alex is very helpful. really helps me to understand the way things work. Alex goes out his way to answer your questions and explains it in a way that you can understand. the weekly video meetings have opened my mind so much. the tools, knowledge, and support are top notch.
Purchased Limitless REI Discord Access 1 month ago
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18d ago
Hands down the best group which is led by Alex. extremely hands on and the knowledge you gain from the weekly meetings and interacting with fellow members is without question worth the price. Alex responds quickly and in a timely manner. No question is a bad question, i have learned a great deal in such a short amount of time.Do not overthink on joining.
Purchased Limitless REI Discord Access 7 months ago
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2 months ago
This isn’t a discord group, just an awesome team mentored by Alex, any questions, concerns of any kind are answered by who ever is on the team. 100% recommended
Purchased Limitless REI Discord Access 6 months ago
What's your refund policy?
There are no refunds. You are able to cancel anytime.
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Limitless REI
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8 reviews

Limitless REI is a nationwide real estate wholesaling team that provides proactive hands on help and support to thousands of wholesalers nationwide.

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