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Limitless REI

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Limitless REI

🦍 Who Are We?

Limitless REI is a nationwide real estate wholesaling team led by Alex Kolominsky (@thealexak) that provides private access only training and support to new and experienced wholesalers from ALL AGES nationwide.

What's Inside?

βœ… A private VIP section of the discord where you become part of our nationwide team and can learn how to Wholesale Real Estate DIRECTLY from Alex Kolominsky (@thealexak) with 8+ years of experience as a Real Estate Agent and 4 years of experience as a Wholesaler selling millions of dollars worth of real estate coast to coast.

βœ… Weekly Meeting with a Q&A's [Answering ALL your questions and providing training].

βœ… Weekly Deal Underwriting [I breakdown YOUR deals/leads/situations one by one].

βœ… Limitless REI Contracts, Scripts, and Documents required for your wholesaling business [INCLUDED WITH MEMBERSHIP].

βœ… Access to my Nationwide Buyers List [INCLUDED WITH MEMBERSHIP].

βœ… Access to my tools, systems, and processes [EVERYTHING].

βœ… Support via "Legal Chat Room" for any sticky situations, I got your back.

βœ… Marketing, Sales, Negotiations and Underwriting Training [Most Important].

βœ… Access to some of the best data in the industry.

βœ… Creative Financing joint venture exit strategies and training access via our creative financing partners.

βœ… Realtor Referral network for your listing referrals.

βœ… Revenue Share Membership: Every member may participate in this program. Referring your unique member referral link to new members results in a 10% recurring fee to your PayPal account every month from the monthly subscription fee. This is my way of giving back to our community on top of everything else.

❌ Any Limitations?

Everyone is welcome! Be apart of a growing nationwide team and network with R.E wholesalers from ALL AGES and parts of the U.S at Limitless REI.

This is a non-refundable subscription and you can cancel anytime

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Limitless REI Contracts & Scripts [FULL PACKAGE]

Weekly Q&A's
Join our exclusive Team Member Only weekly meetings and get answers to all of your questions directly from @TheAlexAK
Deal Underwriting
Struggling figuring out how much to offer? We can help underwrite the deal with you to ensure your numbers are valid.
Contracts & Scripts
Our exclusive contracts and scripts are included with with your team membership.
Nationwide Buyers List
Our nationwide buyers list is included with your team membership at Limitless REI.
Hands On Business Support
Undoubtedly the most important feature for your success. 24/7 message policy for members only. Any question, anytime.
Legal Questions Room
I personally answer and provide support to your "sticky" situations. Better Be Safe Than Sorry!
Tools, Systems, Processes
There are no secrets kept away from our team. All of my formulas, tools, systems and process I myself use are shared.
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
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(11 reviews)
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3 months ago
Hey guys! I recommend the Limitless REI group for many reasons. Not only for all the proper tools and connections you need to dive right in and start closing deals, I feel personally you walk into an amazing team!!! What the guys at limitless have made possible for me is something I would have never thought could be true. We share all of our success with each other and more importantly keep everyone motivated and on track to closing more deals. We have weekly meetings that are focused around your questions and your progress and Alex does a really great job at making sure you are heard as well as making sure you are making the most efficient moves in your business. If you are on the fence about getting serious with your goals I would genuinely seek the opportunity you have to be a part of the Limitless team!
4 months ago
Best REI Discord out there hands down, for the price this discord offers so much valuable information. Unlike most discords you join and you on your own to learn, with Alex you are in a team and everyone works together to eat as a team which i love. Not only do you have access to tools, scripts, and contracts Alex personally uses, you also get any questions about real-estate/wholesaling answered directly from Alex, you even have a "review calls" and a "deal underwriting" section where team members can submit calls to get a detailed response from Alex on what to improve or if they need help with numbers on a deal which most new wholesalers struggle with the most, that alone makes it worth the money. We also have team meetings every week on fridays on zoom to get any questions or training directly from Alex and the team to further improve yourself in wholesaling and real-estate. For the price Alex is offering this service for and the value being provided, I havent seen anything like it out there.
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4 months ago
I joined the discord back in December of 2022. Hands down the best REI Group I been in. I saw the vision from the beginning. A group of like minded individuals who strive to grow not only as people, but to learn the business. It's more than just a group, it's a brotherhood. Thank you Alex (AK) for your ingenuity in building this discord.
What's your refund policy?
There are no refunds. You are able to cancel anytime.
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Limitless REI
Personal Finance β€’ Real Estate

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Limitless REI is a nationwide real estate wholesaling team that provides proactive hands on help and support to thousands of wholesalers nationwide.

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