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Lord Picks

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Pro Sports Bettor. I show you step by step how to beat your bookie and generate extra income.

Experience the thrill of sports betting with the Play Of The Day by LordSportsPicks. This product offers you a front-row seat to our most confident bet of the day, with suggested unit size for optimal results. You'll also gain instant access to our exclusive VIP channel, where we share in-depth analysis of all games and plays, ensuring you stay ahead and profitable! Plus, relish our profit-focused, tracked results across various sports like NBA, NFL, College and International Basketball. With us, beat the bookie and make sports betting more than just a game!

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Professional Sports Picks
Access to All My Best and Biggest plays.
Great Coverage
NBA, College Basketball, NFL, CFB International Basketball and Soccer. All Sports Handicapper.
Long Term Winning
Tracked results for all plays and leagues. We focus on profit and that is always our goal. Make you money!
Customer Q&A
Q: Anywhere to see your record for the past months?
A: Sorry I totally just seen this! Still new to the site. Feel free to contact me on Twitter @LordSportsPicks and I will happily provide you with the link and details about your questions. Thank you, LSP
Asked on Oct 4, 2023
Q: Hello, you send me an email about a 50% off I tried to use it yesterday and it didn’t work is that something I can still get? Thanks
A: Hi there, 50% OFF Discount is available to the big packages shown on the site. 6 months package or lifetime membership. Anyone interested can message me on social media for it! I will gladly provide you with it.
Asked on Apr 22, 2024
Q: How much do you need to start with ?
A: Any amount is ok to start as long as you are willing to be discipline and have the correct bankroll management. All bets come with the recommended bet sizing.
Asked on Feb 20, 2024
Q: I signed up and am not getting any plays?
A: Hi there, you should have been directed to the discord and telegram channel directly from whop. But if not, log in to your whop account and under products, click the discord and telegram logos that will take you there and get setup. Any other questions contact me directly on Twitter or instagram as @LordSportsPicks
Asked on May 16, 2024
Customer reviews
4.5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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2 months ago
Rode his insane 22-2 run this man cannot miss and is the most consistent capper i’ve seen in the entire community!!! highly recommend
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2 months ago
One of the best cappers you will find. Consistent in winning and always honest and open in his communication. I have made more than 15 units in the last two weeks with his tips.
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2 months ago
This guy is the real deal. I’ve been tailing him for around 8 months. Been profitable all around. By far the easiest “capper” to work with. When I place my own bets, I bet .13U compared to the full units when he post. I track my bets with pikket and I can’t find the last time we had 2 weeks red in a row. Always more ups than down. If you don’t believe me just shoot him a message. I haven’t found anyone else posting picks and as respectable as him.
What sports/leagues does it includes?
Your monthly membership includes EVERY SINGLE sport/league, EVERY SINGLE bet big or small made by THE LORD himself.
What units size do you use?
I base all of our bets inside 1-5unit scale.
About the seller
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Sports Picks • Betting Algorithms

8 reviews

Pro Sports Bettor for Over 12 years. All Sports. All Leagues. 24/7 action.

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