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Customer Q&A
Q: Also where will the in person classes be?
A: Orange County CA
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: This for real 1 on 1 with you and you will teach us how to trade like a pimp like your self?
A: Yes, the in-person add on you will meet face to face with MambaFX.
Asked on Dec 15, 2023
Q: Is the monthly membership of $99.99 I will get to see you live trade every morning and follow your trades?
A: Every single morning I will trade live and everyone can take these trades with me. This is the fastest way to become successful in the forex industry 🥂🔥
Asked on Jan 17, 2024
Q: Whats the difference between the 250 month signals and the 199 month live trade strategy?
A: 250 are US30 signals. 199 is livestreams, q+a, mentorship, etc. It's like a mentorship program. Where instead of just receiving trades from Mamba, he actually teaches you how he trades.
Asked on Dec 18, 2023
Q: If we buy the in person addition how many in person sessions do we get?
A: 2 per month! Also the price has dropped down to 999 but will go back up asap!
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: Does the monthly membership include any signals? Thanks
A: No, signals are a separate service.
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: Is the flight, hotel, food and transportation services available if we go out to trade with you?
A: No. You will be responsible for coming to the in person classes. If you can't make it, zoom sessions will be available.
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: I live in Australia and I wouldn’t be able to attend to any in person classes. but I would like the option to have phone calls.
A: Yes!
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: This will be available next week right that’s when I plan on getting this 999$ deal?
A: yes
Asked on Dec 15, 2023
Q: ur goated bro luv ur content fam💯 if we don’t have the funds for the in person+uni rn. will u have it 1-2 month from now so i can sign up for it
A: Yes.
Asked on Dec 15, 2023
Q: I have clarity algo already is it included in the The university
A: No.
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: What time does the Cave session start?
A: We will be trading live every morning at 6am PST just before new York session starts and will be live for an hour or 2
Asked on Jan 11, 2024
Q: Question: Are the tools and indicators explained in the University program the same as what is used for the trade signals on SPX?
A: Yes, they are an extra confluence Mamba uses.
Asked on Dec 19, 2023
Q: Also, If I sign up for the University program, can I share my access with my trading partner, since we are both doing this together?
A: Sure, but only one discord account can be connected, so you would both need to be on the same discord account.
Asked on Dec 19, 2023
Q: (continued question)...payment plan but won't start the one on one mamba program till the month is fully paid? Please & thnx.
A: At the moment, we do not accept any forms of payment plans.
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: Is there a discount if we want the classes and the signal?
A: No discounts currently.
Asked on Dec 20, 2023
Q: Is this stuff For real and not a scam, Because i really want to be a profitable forex trader?
A: You can check out MambaFX's youtube channel, and see his history. Our first live trading session yesterday 3/3 winning trades were called.
Asked on Dec 20, 2023
Q: Is there a video on using Clarity indicator & oscillator that I purchased?
A: There are some older ones, we are currently working on getting updated tutorials for the new features.
Asked on Dec 27, 2023
Q: does he really trade live and without delay? when yes where does he livestream?
A: Yes, during NY session open, and it's on zoom!
Asked on Dec 30, 2023
Q: How many zoom calls a week do you trade live with Mamba the goat with the $99/month option?
A: Every weekday accept Friday
Asked on Jan 12, 2024
Q: For the monthly subscription, it says "4 Live Sessions" Is that per week? Per month?
A: 4 live trading sessions per week, only taking Fridays off!
Asked on Jan 11, 2024
Q: And which course do you recommend to learn the MambaFX strategy after the free course? And what is the winrate of the clarity Algo? Is Mamba using it?
A: Mamba does use the ClarityAlgo. With indicators, a win rate isn't measurable as it's just an extra confluence, not to solely be used for signals.
Asked on Jan 2, 2024
Q: What if you don't live in CA, Because i live in Kentucky How do you get the in person classes
A: Zoom will be available.
Asked on Dec 20, 2023
Q: Is the University + in person add on monthly 999 dollar or year and is there any vip group? How can I taking advantage of the clarity algo, how to use
A: The university is $250 but if you want the extra mentorship calls/in person classes it's $999 total. The Algo should be incorporated into your current trading strategy, and to be used as extra confluences. There are literally, hundreds of ways to the ClarityAlgo, it has dozens of trading tools for you to build a strategy around.
Asked on Jan 2, 2024
Q: Hi can buy one month uni +in person classes then switch to just university membership per month
A: Yes, you can cancel anything at any time. You would need to purchase the in person, then cancel, and purchase the university.
Asked on Dec 21, 2023
Q: Any way to do a 1 on 1 call for an hour option?
A: Yes, if you can't make it to Orange County, zoom sessions can be substituted.
Asked on Dec 14, 2023
Q: In MAMBAFX UNIVERSITY, are 'Secret indicators & tools revealed' the same as CLARITY ALGO? What are the differences between them?
A: Mamba exposes his current indicators/settings on the mentorship call. The Clarity Algo is an indicator toolkit that has dozens of features that helps traders perfect their strategy by giving them amazing confluences.
Asked on Dec 28, 2023
Q: Where can I find the support e-mail of Mambafx or who can I contact for any questions?
A: You can contact WHOP support.
Asked on Dec 27, 2023
Q: Wld we need to bring a laptop to the class
A: You can bring one to take notes, or not. Doesn't matter.
Asked on Dec 21, 2023
Q: In the Weekly Q&A at MAMBAFX UNIVERSITY, is Zoom used for question and answer sessions?
A: Yes, zooms are where the live trading, Q+A, and mentorship calls are held.
Asked on Dec 28, 2023
Q: Hi, Where are you in the US? I'm in the UK, just checking whether or not your trading time suits, before I join?
A: Trading starts at the beginning of NEW YORK session!
Asked on Mar 7, 2024
Q: For the live sessions will Mamba say what he is buying and the prices and also give SL and TP during the session?
A: Yes, he will guide you on every single detail.
Asked on Feb 22, 2024
Q: Do we need to have my camera on all the time during live trading? Thanks
A: No camera needed!
Asked on Feb 28, 2024