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13 days ago
Joining Elder's trading group has been a game-changer for my trading journey. Elder is an outstanding day trader, known for his meticulous market analysis and clear explanations. His transparency in sharing both wins and losses fosters trust and valuable learning. Always available for questions and personalized feedback, Elder's dedication to each member's success is evident. Whether you're new to trading or experienced, Elder's group is an excellent choice for honing your skills. Highly recommended!
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14 days ago
Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick shoutout to Elder and Lucas. It's been an absolute game-changer for me joining the Live trading room. The support and insights have been great! First off, it's helped me so much with waiting for the right entries. I used to jump the gun all the time, but now I've learned to be patient and wait for the perfect moment to make a move. It's made a huge difference in my trading results. Another big win for me has been knowing when to call it a day. I used to overtrade and end up in the red, but now I have a better sense of when to stop, take my profits and walk away. But the biggest takeaway for me has been the focus on patience and risk management. This group really emphasizes the importance of these two aspects, and it's transformed my approach to trading. I'm way more disciplined now, and it's paying off big time so far. If you're on the fence about joining, give them a try. It's been worth every penny for me! Happy trading!
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16 days ago
I have been attending Elder’s daily trading live sessions for a while now, and I can confidently say that they have been incredibly beneficial. The sessions are not only informative but also engaging, providing a perfect blend of theory and practical insights. The way complex trading concepts are broken down into understandable segments is truly commendable. The real-time analysis and the ability to see trades being executed live have significantly improved my understanding and confidence in trading. It's evident that elder is passionate about helping others succeed, and this generosity in sharing expertise for free is something rare and highly appreciated. Thank you for your dedication and for making these sessions so enriching. Your efforts are making a positive impact on many aspiring traders, including myself.