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Customer Q&A
Q: How much money can i scale up from this after just 2 months. I Wonder the potential of this bussniess like is it possible to get 2 grands a month
A: 2 grand per month is possible with one page... i run 100+ pages this is an infinitely scalable business
Asked on May 25, 2023
Q: If i pay for monthly and don't get minimum 5 million views in 30 days am i guaranteed a full refund of £40?
A: yes if you apply all the stuff mentioned in the course
Asked on Sep 8, 2023
Q: Which one do you prefer me to start If i buy the course youtube automation or tik tok automation
A: This course is orientated towards both platforms. So you are free to decide whichever as the discord will have videos teaching you both systems and how to do it.
Asked on Aug 7, 2023
Q: How do I purchase a U.S. account?
A: Check out the #shop-social-accounts channel on the server.
Asked on Sep 18, 2023
Q: if i pay monthly, can i cancel anytime i want to?
A: Yes absolotutely! You can cancel the renewal from Membership settings so you don't get charged again for the subsequent months.
Asked on Aug 27, 2023
Q: I want to a buy US-account. But in order to get one, do i need to buy the course? To get access to the US-account marketplace on Musa’s discord?
A: The account marketplace is free to access for everyone. Discord.gg/mediametas
Asked on Sep 15, 2023
Q: Are there other ways to pay?
A: If you need help regarding alternative payments, please join the discord server @ discord.gg/mediametas and make a support ticket.
Asked on Sep 12, 2023