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Parlay Banditz

(622 reviews)

The Discord that pays for itself...Join today and make money!

Welcome to Parlay Banditz, the world's most popular & transparent sports betting Discord. The monthly pass automatically renews every 30 days from the date of purchase until you cancel.

Completing your purchase to Parlay Banditz means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, including our cancellation and refund policy. All sales final. Refund requests are accepted but not guaranteed.

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Value-based picks
Get curated picks for all the major sports to maximize your winnings
Specialized analysts
Our cappers specialize in different sports/plays to give YOU a bigger edge
Profit tracking
We value transparency & ensure members can access our team's progress to give them confidence they are with the best!
Members only chat
Join a community of the most avid sports fans around!
Exclusive giveaways
Automatically enter into regular giveaways for HUGE prizes
Fantasy Picks
Not only do we offer real sports picks from the most popular sportsbooks, we also have Underdog, Betr & Chalkboard picks
Customer Q&A
Q: I paid but wasn’t added to discord
A: Hi there! Once you link your discord account to Whop, go to your Hub, and click join server. https://intercom.help/whop/en/articles/6676116-how-to-join-the-discord-server-of-your-membership
Asked on May 19, 2023
Q: Do you give recommendations on how much to bet
A: Our cappers give a recommended unit size they are betting for each signal. We have a support team to help you calculate your unit structure.
Asked on Jun 4, 2023
Q: I just paid and didn’t get the discord or anything
A: Hello, you must claim your roles from your Whop dashboard. You should have also received an email confirmation. Feel free to contact us at support@parlaybanditz.com for further assistance.
Asked on Jun 30, 2023
Q: Say man i just paid for the month but i didnt get the discord invite
A: Hello, please review your Whop dashboard for your recent purchases and ensure you have claimed your roles.
Asked on Jul 11, 2023
Q: I paid and I don’t see anything
A: Hello, please follow this guide to locate your membership: https://intercom.help/whop/en/articles/7049936-how-do-i-find-my-membership
Asked on Jul 29, 2023
Customer reviews
4.74 out of 5
(622 reviews)
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1 month ago
Great cappers 🫡🫡
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1 month ago
I started with this Discord around the start of the playoffs, and it instantly paid for itself. I love how the community is always engaging, and people are always there to answer any questions. Everybody is very friendly, and the cappers are very experienced and good at what they do. I now renew my pass every month because I just love Parlay Bandits and the whole community!
User avatar
1 month ago
These dudes are crazy locked in. Non stop research everyday and these guys seem to always hit big everyday. Only legit sports betting server I’ve ever been a part of
What kind of subscription passes do you offer?
We currently offer two automatic renewal passes for a $50 Monthly (every30 days) or a $35 Bi-weekly (every14 days) pass!
Do you offer refunds?
All sales are final. Refunds may only be granted in the following circumstances: (1) a technical billing error; (2) a user accidentally purchased two or more passes at once. Refunds for subscribers that forget to turn off auto-renew may be granted in extraordinary circumstances, but are not guaranteed, and will be decided in the sole discretion of our support staff. For refund requests, subscribers should create a support ticket in the discord.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Log into Whop with your Discord account. Go to your Whop Hub page and click on the ParlayBanditz Hub. Click on Manage Membership. Click Cancel Membership. Fill out the cancelation questionnaire. This will cancel your subscription and turn off auto renew. You will still have access to the discord until the end of your billing period.
How do I access my Discord role perk after purchase?
How do I transfer my membership between Whop accounts?
1. Navigate to your Your Order page. 2. Find your membership and click on Manage Membership. 3. Click on Transfer Membership. 4. Click on Generate transfer link. 5. Click on Copy transfer link. 6. Logout of your account by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner. 7. Login to the account you would like to transfer your membership to. 8. Paste the transfer link in your browser's URL bar. 9. Enter your card details and click on Accept Transfer Note: You will not be charged again until your next renewal date as long as it says Total Due Today: $0.00
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Parlay Banditz
Sports Picks • General

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Sports Consulting Discord • Analytical picks, props, and parlays for every sport. Sign up today ↙️

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