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Customer Q&A
Q: I paid but wasn’t added to discord
A: Hi there! Once you link your discord account to Whop, go to your Hub, and click join server. https://intercom.help/whop/en/articles/6676116-how-to-join-the-discord-server-of-your-membership
Asked on May 19, 2023
Q: Do you give recommendations on how much to bet
A: Our cappers give a recommended unit size they are betting for each signal. We have a support team to help you calculate your unit structure.
Asked on Jun 4, 2023
Q: I just paid and didn’t get the discord or anything
A: Hello, you must claim your roles from your Whop dashboard. You should have also received an email confirmation. Feel free to contact us at support@parlaybanditz.com for further assistance.
Asked on Jun 30, 2023
Q: Say man i just paid for the month but i didnt get the discord invite
A: Hello, please review your Whop dashboard for your recent purchases and ensure you have claimed your roles.
Asked on Jul 11, 2023
Q: I paid and I don’t see anything
A: Hello, please follow this guide to locate your membership: https://intercom.help/whop/en/articles/7049936-how-do-i-find-my-membership
Asked on Jul 29, 2023
Q: What sports betting apps do you use? I mainly use DK but don’t have enough funds to use 10 different betting accounts as I’m in college.
A: Majority of our cappers utilize FanDuel, however you can often find similar odds on DraftKings and PointsBet.
Asked on Jun 4, 2023
Q: How do you cancel subscription?
A: Hello, you can manage your subscription from your Whop Dashboard under your Hub. You may also see our #server-information channel with the Discord for additional steps or reach out to us at support@parlaybanditz.com for additional assistance.
Asked on Jul 16, 2023
Q: prizepicks, underdog , sleeper any of these
A: There is a prizepicks chat but majority of cappers utilize sportsbooks such as Fanduel and Bet365.
Asked on Aug 21, 2023
Q: which platform do i have to get to execute the bets?
A: We recommend FanDuel, some cappers also you Bet365 and PointsBet. The sportsbook available to you will depend on your state.
Asked on Jul 17, 2023
Q: Do you have E Sports as well?
A: Not at this time.
Asked on Jul 5, 2023
Q: All games will be sent out how many hours in advance, I am in Asia, there is a time difference
A: Hello, there is no set times the plays are sent out. However, it is typically the morning of or night before. Live bets may also be signaled at times.
Asked on Jul 28, 2023
Q: Do you do live bets?
A: Hello yes, if a capper see's something they like during a live match or game they may signal a play at times.
Asked on Jul 10, 2023
Q: Whats the winrate
A: You may see daily winning recaps on our social media channels @parlaybanditz.
Asked on Aug 21, 2023
Q: so I'm from Europe, Denmark and the bet365 platform seems the best option for me. Will i be able to play all bets coming from u through that platform?
A: Hello, we cannot advise on Sportsbook odds and availability within Europe. However, there are several plays that are signaled that are available on BET365, odds may vary.
Asked on Jul 18, 2023
Q: Can i join from australia
A: You can join but ensure that you have access to similar sportsbooks to gain the best value from our product.
Asked on Oct 25, 2023
Q: I paided for month you switched to another account how do i get credit for what I paid for
A: Hello, please reach out to us at support@parlaybanditz.com to further evaluate your issue. Please provide your email and discord username when you reach out.
Asked on Jun 29, 2023
Q: I am in the UK, would you have anything that would benefit me over here? I want to join but want to make sure that I can guarantee my monthly fee.
A: We cannot advise on bet or sportsbook availability in the UK.
Asked on Aug 3, 2023
Q: How much money would you recommend to start sports betting?
A: Everyone's bankroll is different. Your unit size is 1% of your bankroll so whatever amount you would be comfortable placing on each individual bet would be the 1% of your total.
Asked on Oct 3, 2023
Q: Since you guys have a lot of cappers, how do you guys recommend one follows for bets.
A: We recommend choosing 3 to 4 capers to tail to start. Who you tail will depend on your betting style and preferred sports.
Asked on Aug 21, 2023
Q: How do I join the free discord?
A: Please DM on twitter for link to join.
Asked on Dec 9, 2023
Q: Do you have soccer and house racing As my country only allow these two
A: We do not offer horse racing at this time but we do have soccer cappers.
Asked on Aug 7, 2023
Q: How do I know which people are cappers ?
A: All cappers names are in blue and they have an official channel under the "VIP" section.
Asked on Aug 22, 2023
Q: Does this guarantee me to the software and would I be making me
A: We do not understand your question. please contact support@parlaybanditz.com for additional assistance.
Asked on Aug 18, 2023
Q: Do yall do prizepicks??
A: There is a PrizePicks channel with picks from the community but no official plays.
Asked on Dec 6, 2023
Q: Been trying to cancel my subscription for months….where do I go?
A: Step 1 Visit The ParlayBanditz Whop Homepage- https://whop.com/parlay-banditz/. Use the login with discord option (icon next to the twitter icon) and log in with the discord account that is currently connected to your subscription. Step 2 Go to the Parlay Banditz hub by clicking the 3 lines in the top left. Step 3 Click on Manage Membership then Click Cancel Membership.
Asked on Aug 8, 2023
Q: I paid and when I try to gain access to the discord it won’t allow me because of access but I’m down 50 dollars with an email to prove it.Any solution
A: Please email us a support@parlaybanditz.com or DM us on X @ParlayBanditz for further assistance.
Asked on Jul 22, 2024
Q: I claimed access on the discord so what happens next ? I don’t see anything.
A: How to access your apps: Sign-in to Whop: Use your email and security code to login. Launch Your Hub: Once logged in, navigate to your Hub to find your whops and apps. Select a whop: Browse through your whops to find ParlayBanditz. Open an App: Within the selected whop, locate an app you want to open and click or tap on its icon.
Asked on May 6, 2024
Q: Hey, Do you Guys use Bet MGM?
A: Some of the plays may be found on there but majority of the cappers do not specifically uses BET MGM.
Asked on Mar 7, 2024
Q: How much do you need to start with including sub?
A: Hello, everyone's bankroll is different which is why we recommend unit betting. Grab our free unit betting guide to learn more! We currently offer two main subscription prices, every 14 days $35 or every 30 days for $50.
Asked on Apr 24, 2024
Q: Can i use stake to bet ? Do you give out bets daily?
A: Bets are given out on a daily basis. We can not advise on the use of Stake unfortunately.
Asked on Aug 2, 2023
Q: Can middle east person play?
A: Our community is all-inclusive. Please verify your local betting regulations to ensure it is legal is your state/country.
Asked on Feb 11, 2024