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Customer Q&A
Q: What's your win rate? And at what time do alerts start going out?
A: This is not a handholding community. We do the heavy lifting and bring forward solid ideas which then is upto the user to take or pass. Product description below: {"This service is designed for time-constrained "Swing traders" seeking a ready-made strategy and a weekly dose of swing trading ideas. In our Equity Swing trading community we offer: - 20+ Swing trading ideas every month with entries, price targets & SL's }
Asked on Dec 9, 2023
Q: Do you have a track record of your trades
A: Inside the discord we post weekly recap of all the discussed ideas. It includes wins and losses.
Asked on Feb 26, 2024
Q: Do u guys give military discounts?
A: Hi there, We didn't run into this yet so we don't have a set for Military members but if you're asking for yourself I can give you 18% off the price given you can provide some sort of verification. Let me know if you would like to proceed, I can create a coupon code for you. Thanks,
Asked on Sep 11, 2023
Q: Does $55 a month come with the discord and substance or are they separate?
A: $55 plan covers read only (noise free) discord and Pivotalball access.
Asked on Mar 13, 2024
Q: Hi Regarding the trade ideas you provide on a weekly basis, do you also refer to option strike prices?
A: Hey, we provide ideas with entries & stop losses. How traders utilize the information presented in based on individual preference. Only strikes we provide are for option trades we personally take. For any additional questions, DM me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/RealProfessorr Best, Prof
Asked on Nov 9, 2023
Q: Hi, is there a difference between, the monthly plan and a yearly plan other than the pricing. The wording is different. Thanks
A: Monthly plan is a read-only plan where members have access to one way communication and intel. Usually best for people wanting less noise and with busy schedules. Yearly plan allows you to have access to additional channel "Trading floor" where members can also engage with other members discussions. Hope this helps.
Asked on Mar 11, 2024
Q: swing positions are held how long?
A: Hey. All comes down to how well the position is doing. I have held it from a day to all the upto a month at times.
Asked on Dec 18, 2023
Q: Lets' say we don't like discord...is the trade info and other recaps also offered via email or does one absolutely have to use discord?
A: There's a weekly analysis & outlook where members can get my thoughts & stocks I am watching heading into next week. Discord is to provide a more interactive experience for those who desire. The Discord layout on its own is pretty straight forward with only a handful of channels members need to pay attention to & only certain people having the permission to post there. I like simple, straight forward myself which is why I would say Discord is would be beneficial but not mandatory. Try it out,
Asked on Dec 5, 2023