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Product Prompts

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Master AI prompts and tools to make better products, faster.

The Product Manager's Prompt Book is a collection of use cases and examples of how to use ChatGPT to build better products, faster.

Learn how to become a ChatGPT Prompt Wizard! Become 10x more efficient, save time and get more done.

The document is in PDF format. Over 80 hours worth of research went into the book, so by accessing it you'll really be fast-tracking your way to ChatGPT mastery! There are:


  • 62 pages
  • 24 prompt use cases, formats and examples with outputs



What they're saying:


"This is the best guide on how ChatGPT can be helpful to product managers that I have seen so far."  - Majana Havranek


"Product Prompts is remarkable. The Prompt Book is a weapon for PMs indeed. This will help to accelerate learning and growth."  - Patrick Ndifon


"Thanks for creating such a great resource and making it available to us!"  - Tobias Zwingmann


"This is an excellent resource, thanks for sharing."  - Axel Davis



About the author


Martin Slaney has been building new tech startups and products for over 20 years. He's led zero-to-one projects for corporates like Barclays, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Atom Bank and Selfridges. He's worked with award-winning consultancies like 11:FS and Red Badger, as well as working directly with startups and scaleups. He also co-founded 5 fintech startups (2 acquired, 1 dead, 2 still going strong).

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The Product Manager's Prompt Book

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a year ago
Super informative! This really helped me level up my productivity using chat GPT
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Product Prompts
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