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Profit Pipeline

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Navigating Deals, Unleashing Profits.

Experience the benefits of our Profit Pipeline Early Access program. For a monthly fee of $25 (going up to $50), you get early access to our exclusive deal-finding platform. Secure your first deal within 9 months with us, and we'll refund all your monthly payments. Elevate your business potential ahead of others, and take advantage of this opportunity today. Enjoy innovative techniques for success, unparalleled guidance, and unwavering support in your journey to financial freedom.

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Profit Pipeline Early Access

VIP Cash Buyer Buy Boxes🔮
I have access to 3000+ VIP & Vetted Cash Buyers with exclusive buy boxes. We sell your deal, you keep 60% of net fee
Profit Pipeline Personal CRM🫀
Keep track of all your leads with a free CRM I've used myself to close multiple deals and stay on top of all my offers.
Cash Offer Call Recordings🎥
Hours of call recordings with Agents and Sellers when offering based on Gross Yield and/or After Repair Value.
On Market Video Mini Course🚀
Video tutorial: how to go through the sales process to be able to maximize your time and the number of submitted offers
9 Month Prft Piplne Incentive📈
If you close, you get refunded all the money you've put into the discord and you also stop paying the monthly payment.
Completely Risk Free🔥
You'll be offering under my LLC and you'll NEVER have to put your own money into a deal.
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1 month ago
The Profit Pipeline has been extremely transformative in my exploration of the real estate kingdom. My mentor, Carlos, has continued to be a reliable source of support, always providing the best answers and strong support at the right time. His Discord channel is a goldmine of straightforward, ready-to-follow tips and guidelines. I am pleased to be collaborating with him and am excited about the years ahead. I explored my way through all the subtleties of wholesaling and even beyond . What is the catch? To sum up, it is perseverance and time.
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2 months ago
Profit pipeline has helped me learn more about the real estate business. Carlos my mentor who I’ve met back in school has been helpful always answers any question clearly & will verify anything you need to know, his discord is straight to the point & has every step you need to know, it’s been a pleasure working with him & excited to run it up this year thanks to profit pipeline I’ve been able to learn more about wholesaling & all the good stuff it’s just about the effort and time you put into it! Thankful.
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7 months ago
Profit pipeline has been a great journey! Great mentors who help guide you every step of the way. Definitely recommend.
What is the difference between Early Access and Regular Access?
Early Access users get an additional 3 months (total of 9) to obtain their first deal for a refund on their monthly payments. Regular Access users get 6 months. Also once Regular access comes out the monthly rate will rise to $50
How long do I have to get my first deal to be eligible for a full refund?
Early Access members have 9 months; regular users have 6 months.
Do I need money to start wholesaling or deal finding for your program?
NO, using the language we teach you to put in your purchase contract you will never need to risk any money on any deals.
How will I know what to offer on a property?
Using either Gross Yield or the ARV formula (we teach both inside) were able to formulate an offer to put in front of the seller or agent. You can come up with this offer in under 2 minutes!
What's the fastest amount of time a new member has closed a deal in?
The shortest time on record is one week, It depends on your persistence and determination.
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Profit Pipeline
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Our goal is to help new, upcoming, or established hustlers looking to make an extra 5 figures a month online. We specialize in contract flipping or Wholesaling Real Estate - our primary focus is to help our members grow and reach their goals.

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