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Qbot Market Ventures

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Empower & Simplify Your Trading: Where Precision Meets Profitability! Join Our Successful Group Today!

Unlock your path to success with our revolutionary Forex bot. Running 24 hours a day, this powerful tool harnesses the volatility of the US30 and XAUUSD pairs, delivering an impressive 80-90% win rate. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, it executes 5-10 trades daily with precision and speed, giving you the edge to outperform. What's more, our bot seamlessly sends all trade information directly to your Telegram, keeping you informed in real-time. With our bot, you don't need to know anything about trading – it does all the work for you. Imagine having a personal trading mentor, bidding farewell to uncertainty and hello to effortless profits. Whether seasoned or new, our bot is your key to success. Embrace the future of trading and take control with our game-changing technology. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to domination with our unparalleled Forex bot.

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Long / Short Trade Alerts
Receive real-time Long / Short trade alerts with Entry Price, Take Profit, Stop Loss and Volume for the US30 & XAUUSD
Future Updates
We are constantly making updates, changing strategies and improving the system to help you make more money!
Grandfathered Price
Future price increases will not affect anyone joining now!
Pipleline Features
We will be adding the ability to apply the alerts to any security in the near future!
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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5 months ago
I love how easy it as to use this bot for my trading needs and already saw 2 positive trades on the first day of use! I'm hoping to see how it progresses but I'm already beyond impressed.
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6 months ago
This bot is amazing, basically made my money back 3X the very first day I started receiving alerts! This was the quickest ROI I ever had. I am new to trading and having something that completely simplifies the process and takes care of everything for me is great. Probably the best alerts on the market! The team was also very helpful when it came to setting everything up. Excited to see where things go from here. Thanks, qBot!
Which tickers will the bot send alerts on?
For now the bot will only send alerts on the US30 & XAUUSD ( in the near future we will have the ability to expand that )
What are the Quant Alerts?
The alerts are based of a multitude of indicators in combination and Quant filters with strategic elements that process and suggest the best possible trades and risk management applications!
What is the win rate of the alerts?
When a back-test is applied the alerts are 85-90% accurate. Although those numbers can vary significatly based on the current market conditions like Holidays, News, Global Events etc., We suggest you make your own judgement when you receive the alerts whether or not to execute the trade..
What volume should we use?
You need to apply your own risk management. Base your risk on the size of your account and other factors that your own personal strategy call for.
Should we take every trade suggestion?
Absolutely not, no one can be 100% and you should use the bot as a reference point to decide whether the trade is a good set up!
About the seller
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Qbot Market Ventures
Trading • Trading Indicators

2 reviews

We are a group of dedicated traders with years of experience that have applied a Quantitative approach to automating the decision making process of choosing a trade. Our goal is to simplify the trading experience and help traders find financial freedom within the complexity of the global markets.

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