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Seat Secure

(255 reviews)

The #1 Ticket Reselling Group! Over $700K in group profits this year

Welcome to Seat Secure.

The #1 ticket server with industry leading monitors and tools that will help you beat bots and get your tickets manually.

Our users are making thousands of dollars a month by following our calls and using our custom monitors. Join today!

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Discord access

All Access, SeatSecure

Lightning-Fast Custom Monitors
Receive notifications for ticket restocks
1-on-1 Support
We offer 1-on-1, 24/7 support for all of our members!
Insider Information
Get access to the most lowkey ticket events that other groups are won't share
Custom Tools
Our class-leading tools and information are here to help you take your ticket sales to the next level
Customer question & answers
So minimum how much would I need to spend for my first time? I know it says 80 but how much are the tickets average?
You can start with low captial and see success. Some tickets are released for as little as $50
Answered 2 months ago
Does Seat Secure do sports events in europe like UEFA champions league and olympic games in paris 2024. How much can be earned if started with 500€
Yup we cover all regions! If you started with that much you can definitely get some good profit!
Answered 3 months ago
Does I need a citibanamex card for can buy the tickets faster? With your links I can buy the tickets with every debit card ?
You can buy tickets with any card! Citi,AMEX,Chase ECT are just used for some presales.
Answered 2 months ago
Do you cover UK events?
Yes we do!
Answered 1 month ago
Will I be able to do this in any country?
Answered 2 months ago
Can you do this if you are from the United Kingdom?
Yes! You can purchase and profit from releases worldwide from anywhere with our expert help
Answered 2 months ago
can this be done from everywhere around the world?
Yes! You can purchase tickets to shows worldwide and sell them on from anywhere. We help you every step of the way to ensure you are setup for success
Answered 2 months ago
Customer reviews
4.97 out of 5
(255 reviews)
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3d ago
Staff is great really helped me out with getting started! The tips provided are amazing and the community is really nice to everyone especially newbies! :)
Purchased All Access 2 months ago
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4d ago
Beginner friendly discord server with profitable and knowledgeable staff in ticket flipping community, only server you need to master ticket reselling.
Purchased All Access 3 months ago
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4d ago
Have made $10K+ from this group. Amazing insight, patient staff, and a knowledgeable resource all around.
Purchased All Access - AMUS 3 months ago
About the seller
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Seat Secure
Reselling • Tickets

255 reviews

Seat Secure was founded on a stage of passion for live events. We strive to help our members get the tickets they want without the hassle and heartache of missing out at retail.

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