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Lowkey Discord

(49 reviews)

Australia's #1 Reselling Group

$60 AUD fee for 1 month access to Lowkey Discord (Monthly recurring fee unless cancelled)

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Lowkey Discord Monthly Membership

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Lowkey Member

Release Guides
In depth write-ups for upcoming releases (Includes estimated resell price/Links or Info on Where to buy/Where to sell)
Non Sneaker Flips
Examples include concert tickets, coins, trading cards, consoles, collectibles and accessories
Matched Betting
Every month, members make around $1500 profit on average from matched betting slips. Easy to learn and understand
Arbitrage / EV Bets
Access to our Arbitrage & EV betting bot. Members have been making an easy $100 + profit a day
Free Money Offer
We have a channel dedicated to referral promos that members utilise to make hundreds from with little to no effort
Instore Info
Get notified in real time when something drops in-store near you.
Website Monitors
Get notified the second an online retail store drops or restocks a product
24/7 Marketplace
Our WTB and WTS come in handy for our 2450 + members to buy and sell items.
Customer Q&A
Q: Does this have a channel for nike backend notifications?
A: Hi yes we do!
Asked on Jan 1, 2024
Q: Is there a wait list? If so how long would it take.
A: We’ve been accepted people instantly these past few days
Asked on Mar 30, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(49 reviews)
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12d ago
Best Group & Most Legit Group Out. Run by a very professional owner Profit of around $3500 in the month of May for only $60 your laughing, great ROI
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3 months ago
Paid groups and discords always look a bit sus but you see reviews from people and think to yourself, "surely that can't be legit?". BELIEVE ME, IT IS LEGIT. 50 five-Star reviews in a row. I joined lowkey and within 6 days, I made $568. All I did was follow one of their write ups for new members to get their starting capital. I made $351 in approximately 2 hours (yes, seriously). Then I invested that money to another one of their reselling writeups and made another $217. Total of $568. That's a 946% return on $60. Money printed from thin air using my phone. Not to mention staff are amazing. You'll spend $60 on a game but not to make more money? Lowkey Discord is genuinely one of the BEST investments you'll make. The only time you'll regret it is when you look at all the past money you missed out on because you didn't make the decision to join earlier.
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3 months ago
Been a member for just over 4 months now, lowkey is a literal money printer. Make back atleast my monthly membership fee from a single day of matched betting.
What is a resell group?
A resell group, or more commonly known as a 'cook group', is an online community, within the reselling niche. Exclusive information is supplied to paying members, allowing them to purchase sought-after items at retail prices in order to make profit. Lowkey Discord is the #1 Resell Group in Australia, and our members receive the most exclusive information in the country.
What countries are supported?
Lowkey is based in Australia, and mainly focussed on Australian users, however, some members are based out of NZ, Europe, USA and Asia.
How does the membership work?
Lowkey is a monthly recurring subscription giving you access to our Discord server. Our Discord server is packed with resources and information, instructing you with where and how to cop high demand items, such as (but not limited to) sneakers and streetwear, in order to make profit.
Is a bot required to cop?
NO, a bot is not required! Lowkey is a manual-based group, providing methods on the best and fastest ways to purchase items online manually. We still, however, do offer ACO services with our trusted botters.
Can I join with no experience?
Yes, absolutely! Lowkey is designed to support users of all skill levels, whether they're experienced resellers, or completely new to the game. We offer all the resources to learn, and invite all dedicated learners to join us!
About the seller
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Lowkey Discord
Reselling β€’ Collectibles
Lowkey Discord is the one and only server you need. With 5 years in the game, we've generated millions in combined profits for our members by providing in-depth information on buying and selling highly sought-after items such as sneakers, streetwear, coins and consoles.

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